The Weekly Mudcrab #48

Icisia posted Mon at 20:02

Literary Corner

Lesson Slowly Learned by Adrianne Renata

Aia hesitated as she peered at the front door of the estate, the sun completely down now. The local guards closed the gate, not daring to follow her. Adrianne was such a private and up-tight person, she'd never allow such men into her home, and had made it very clear. Nervousness wrecked her chest, her small hand raising to touch over her heart as it hammered. She'd never been late before, how would Adrianne react? With one final swallow, Aia talked forward and into her new home.

The Sword of No Blade: Tales of Davin McLurr, Squire by Rev_Davin

The sweat trickled down the bridge of his nose as he set a pace young men took for granted on the unusually warm Ravenspire day. As Davin crested the rise he came upon a small village. He paused a moment there to wipe his brow and look things over. He'd walked a better part of the day and a rest was in order. He wondered if this village would have a tavern he might get a bit of ale and rest his legs a while before he continued on his way. He set off again on his ground eating pace, but had only just entered the village proper before he was stopped with a sudden "ho there!". 

The Giant and the Storm by Da Iron Maul

Thjold stood on the beaches of Eastmarch, the gold gale from the Sea of Ghosts causing his black mane to stir in the wind. He breathed in deeply and exhaled as his warm breath met with the frozen air making a fog. Behind him in the distance he heard men hammering nails and hauling lumber. With a quick glance over his shoulder Thjold saw his army setting up camp and getting the siege engines ready.

Oblivion [a husk amid a perfect storm] by Karivishal

Anastasia came and left the Siren's Kiss on a surprisingly empty night. There was a benefit in such situations, though there was another business partner present for a few hours it only left the conversation to be held with answers chosen with discretion. 

Multimedia Showcase

Haelolin by Xev
Caroline Wicksley by Amethyst
Portrait by juimon
Commission by  GrumpyVivec
ESO Let's RP: RPMMORadio Special Part 1 by TheHumanFloyd

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