The Weekly Mudcrab Issue #38

Icisia posted 14 hours ago

Literary Corner

Principality of Solstice by Sarin

“In my youth I remember the Canonreeve’s manor. Relleismath's white stone walls were laced with the imago of my ancestors, every last one posthumous. It was beneath the vigil of the ascended dead that Muruuen touched the shoulder of her son, and said: ‘Here stand the conquerors and conquered alike. Memorise their faces, for among them you shall one day stand, shamed or exalted.’”

A Familiar Dream by Pepper

It was early. The sun still hadn’t risen over the horizon just yet and the last of the crickets were chirping just as the birds were beginning their songs. Most of the town’s inhabitants were still fast asleep, but she had crept from bed in her sheer shift with an almost resigned determination. The stairs didn’t creak under her step; she’d long ago discovered the secret spots that would mask her movements and her shockingly thin frame only aided her quest for silent discretion.

At the Turn of a Coin by Zhauric

A sardonic smile creased Kaelivh's lips while he stood atop a hill overlooking Wayrest. The moon shone above him illuminating the land beneath it's gaze but Kaelivh's own luminous blue eyes could not be tore away from the city sprawled underneath. Seeking the bark of the tree behind him, Kaelivh leaned back crossing his arms over his chest still wearing the smile that truly held no mirth. In one evening his emotions rode more rise and falls than he could truly grasp in such a short amount of time. It was exactly that thought which birth the smile on his lips.

Multimedia Showcase

Arriana Emelia Rulician by MischiArt
Asilynn by GrumpyVivec
Dani and Ky commission by GrumpyVivec
Kailiti by Six
If you have a certain commission you would like to see on the showcase, PM @Icisia!