The Weekly Mudcrab #40

Icisia posted Mon at 1:00

Literary Corner

Angel (Poem) by Temyen

In the silence of the darkness, when I thought I was alone,
I felt another’s presence, where before there had been none.

It only took a moment, for me to fully realize,
The value of the gift that was placed into my life.

Wind Songs by Morgan

Morgan sat on the cliff overlooking the docks. The smoke was still there from the smoldering fisherman buildings, the broken corpses lying on top of each other in places, others spread out with trails of blood trying to get away from the battle to take their last breaths in peace.

What Music They make by Blackvale

In the middle of the night, moonlit and murky, with the wolves howling upon distant hills and the trees bristling to the force of the wind, Annabelle Frey awoke to the sound of music. And it was vile.

Venial Transgressions by Bryaal/Althiira

They gathered after the body was found. Cold and stiff, they'd decided that winter had made it unsuitable for salvaging, opting instead to let it be claimed to feed the forest. The older ones muttered to themselves, stiff-necked lamentations over wasted meat.

Multimedia Showcase

Raij'ii by by GrumpyVivec
 by Demorta
Coldharbour's Fortune by gruuvan!

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