Literary Corner

Venial Transgressions by Bryaal/Althiira

She couldn't feel her face.

Winter had snaked through the trees, wrapping itself tight around graying trunks and settling comfortably beneath the canopy. During the day it crept forward, leery of the sun, traipsing around the mottled patterns of light that strained past the leaves. It was not so cold then, in the day. It was bearable: a slavering beast in a muzzle of steel.

Season's Past (Poem) by Temyen

Seasons Past
by Temyen

The scarecrow tells his silent story
while hanging on a post

He warns of passing season’s gone
summer's waning ghost...

At the Turn of a Coin by Zhauric

A sardonic smile creased Kaelivh's lips while he stood atop a hill overlooking Wayrest. The moon shone above him illuminating the land beneath it's gaze but Kaelivh's own luminous blue eyes could not be tore away from the city sprawled underneath. Seeking the bark of the tree behind him, Kaelivh leaned back crossing his arms over his chest still wearing the smile that truly held no mirth. In one evening his emotions rode more rise and falls than he could truly grasp in such a short amount of time. It was exactly that thought which birth the smile on his lips.

Multimedia Showcase

Kal and Fel by AvocadoSandwhitch
Adam Barclay - Battle Bard by GrumpyVivec
Tyrrean by Six
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