The Weekly Mudcrab #59

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Literary Corner

Battle of the Gold Road Solition

Screams of men and Daedra alike filled the air, each man in the defense of the shield wall fighting to survive against the endless waves that battered against them like a roaring sea. It wouldn't be long until the wall broke... Daedra had come from the sky like a plague, countless hordes ravaging the land as Lucius and his men stood on the brink of defeat.

Jin and the Wretched Wench Jin Ivythorn

The sea breeze blew as the ship said over the ocean blue. Carrying a crew of around 20, Jin was fresh on the deck, a group of pirates sailing on the ship they called the Wretched Wench. They drank, stole, killed, and drunkenly sang sea shanties. Jin mopped the deck as he looks out to his new family after leaving his dull life at Woodhearth.

Wishing Goats Could Fly @LilRedBird

“Do you think I should make more poultices?” she asked, breaking the silence that had settled over the pair in the wake of their first visitor’s leaving. Taking back up the comb, she sat before the crackling fire and resumed working at the tangles that so easily found their way into her ruddy red hair.


Multimedia Showcase

Arialanwe the Spellbreaker Sarin

Wishing Goats Could Fly juimon

A Wild Gal GrumpyVivec

Sinnadrin Xev

Commission for Ember Blue Six

Roereker Sound

Etilaya the Ashflower Ruxandra Lache
Sarin The Merethic Mudcrab!