The Weekly Mudcrab #71

@Avinarih posted Mon at 18:19

Literary Corner

Ash, Shadow, Inquiry Feroxus the Sundered Star

Korut's father, Konril always told his son that he was his biggest mistake; while his mother, Deshna had loved him, it was shown in silence and hidden from him. For Korut, he cared not for what either of them said, to him, they were donors, nothing more or nothing less. Of course, this was due to years of being neglected, intentional or they merely became people. Life was more comfortable this way for him, he treated the man and woman only as people, he held no real connection toward them other than survival. But as all things come to an end, Korut knew he couldn't live with them any longer.

The Desert Skooma Cat

I run until I'm exhausted. I throw up until I my eyes are so blurry I can't see, and then I do it again. The rock-strewn black sand stretches as far as I can see, further than I thought possible. Even the sight of this infinite, uncurved horizon inspires a deep and unnatural fear - of the impossible and the primordial. The clouds swirl and twist above me, hues of purple and red, pink and blue, but they never blow in any given direction, forming a maddening miasma that screams not to look at it. Permanently on the horizon, just behind the view of the infinite mountains, stands a massive monolith - one I cannot approach.

Fraying Strands Karivishal

The curved door leading to the Morag Tong den within the Silted Serpent bore the weight of Nina who leaned her figure into it. After Bryn left, despite another round of bleeding impurities out, they started. From the door to the main building to the storehouse is a quick path but tonight it did not seem so. She had descended the steps when an abrupt shriek came from behind in the shadowed second-floor landing. Sprinting the rest of the stairs Nina backs up to the archway then peers up at the darkness as if something plays hide and seek.

A Life Left Behind Ralius Verinius

The groggy Imperial was met with the sight of an unfamiliar ceiling as he finally came to. It took him perhaps a few seconds too long to realize that he was not alone in this strange bed. Maybe the arm draped across his chest and the bare leg intertwined with his own had something to do with that impressive feat of deduction. He reached up to rub the weariness from his eyes, only to wince as his palm touched his face. Did he get punched at one point? That seemed like something he should probably remember.

Stormguard Stories of Skyrim Tasi

Bijor was a hearty man, of sound mind and body, raised by the upper echelons of the Stormguard Protectorate. He was trained by his father, Moltek, in the ways of combat, masonry, and the forging of irons an steel for the use of weapons and armor. When Bijor was merely a young man, not yet the Stormguard of legend, his father carried the mantle as the Defender of Skyrim.

Art Showcase

Teatime Six
Half-Orc Gambler juimon

Redguard Gentleman Aerwindale

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