The Weekly Mudcrab #63

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Literary Corner

A Pale Knight thetookybird

There it sat, half-sunken into the lake. He did not recall a lake every being there, only a small, meandering river. Yet, time had eroded away both its banks, and the manor that once stood upon them. All that was left, now, was a single turret and a part of the wall. The rest had long since crumbled away into the waters, now only pieces of the rocky shoreline. All that had once been, was now reclaimed by the land.

Beware the Wicked Ones KhaosRiivy

The morning air tickled her senses as she muttered the words softly to the blindfolded woman she led before her. Delicate gloved hands resting on her Mistress' sleep gown and gripping shoulders as she guided her through the open area of the forests near her estate, deep into the brush and unknown grounds. The Lord was unhappy and had requested something that chilled her to the bone, she was to lead her Mistress and his Wife, Lady Sienna into the woods and abandon her there to be consumed by the beasts that lingered, a pretty sacrifice to rumored monstrosities that lingered in shadows.

Letters to the Dead LazyFox

One.…two.…three.…four....five.…six… And there he was, like clockwork, coming around the corner on his late evening stroll home from his shop. He never took a different route. He was never late and never early. It was just like the rest of his life; orderly, efficient, predictable. Boring.

Fraying Strands Karivishal

Sharp noises of metal crunching into dirt cut through the ambience of nature surrounding the potion shop sitting at the edge of Sadrith Mora. Two shadows reach across its gardens beneath a sky darkened by the new moon, and the only light comes from swaying stalks offering blue luminescence. One belongs to Ninaatha and the other Xeveyn and just before them is a generously sized hole accompanying two more at their left. In tandem, the mer put the trowels in hand down.

Multimedia Showcase

Michael and Morchade Lostarot
The High Priestess juimon

Ro'Mejjo and Juliez-ra GrumpyVivec