The Weekly Mudcrab Issue #33

Icisia posted Sun at 20:09

News & Updates

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Literary Corner

Annals of the Vanar by Tyrrean

[The date of these fragments cannot be correctly ascertained due to the turbulent Dance of the Selectives and the Middle Dawn, yet the recent work of Fralav Vanarius puts the date of events described between the 5th Century and 24th Century 1E.]

"...And behold!" The warlord proclaimed: viscera draped across his near naked body as he sat upon an imposing white horse with bow in hand. Before him lay the downward slope of a hill strewn with mangled corpses, a tribute to the Gods through blood-sacrifice and honouring Covenant.

Fate's Cruelty Inscribed Justice by Wandering Renegade


The statement rings in the air with the volume of a shouted command, yet the tone of an insidious whisper. The voice is strong and clear, that of a practiced orator or nobleman, inflections dripping from the words that wrap the crowd around the speakers very finger.

These being the words of Tiberius Aelianus (A journal of sorts) by Tiberius Aelianus {Siltar}

I've sat in prayer for hours yet again in a lost cause. Not my faith being of such, for that is still strong. It is a lost cause to think that memories will simply go away. Make no mistake I hold very little regrets for my actions in life. Though I wish at times that parts of my service in the Imperial legions could simply vanish. Yet they refuse and continue to haunt me.

Tarvala Sul'Morin - A Journal by Tarvala Sul'Morin

Starting over, a new chapter, requires a new book. Hello new book. My name is Tarvala Sul’Morin of House Indoril. Contrary to mother's wishes and self delusion, Sul’Morin is of some import but no where upon the scale she believes. Locally it is known, but few outside Necrom would know of it. There will be time later for mother though.

Multimedia Showcase

Through Merethic Eyes by Alteya
Acheron by Xev
Bjursan by GrumpyVivec
Solace of Dirt by GrumpyVivec
Ayofemi by Paragon
Royal Swords of the Vassals of House Lencolia by gruuvan!
LLRP | Blades of Dourstone Keep (Parts 1 & 2): "I will not be held back by a handmaiden and some crusader!" by Lantern Lighters Roleplayers

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