The Weekly Mudcrab #42

Icisia posted Jul 31, 17

Literary Corner

The Price of Virtue by Aurethil

"...and on the eastern front we anticipate the highest number of casualties as we will not have covenant support in the more outlying portion of borders. The Respokens troops simply arn't enough to fill in the gaps we are facing in those areas. While it is almost certain the cities walls will hold, the outer lands in our border will suffer great damage. Perhaps if we...."

Slaying the Golden Ram [A collaborative Exerpt] by Karivishal
As the sunrise continues to crawl up the heavens, she has turned slightly and savoured the moment within his arms. Her hand squeezes his softly as her silence continues. As the sun threats overthrow the treeline, she returns, and a hand finds the contour of his face once more. Gentle as if it was the first time and there was fear that she might hurt him, claws ever present and sparkling as the sun peers through leaves of the trees surrounding the ludus entrance. The Devil had met her equal, not in Vadrien Lentes or Junius Vorenus, but him. Soot-hued eyes sink into his and threaten to expose her emotions in the form of tears. She did not let them, so they spurn the restraint and linger bitterly.
The Death of a God by Nighren

”You will fail.”

The words of the Ivory Seer did not ring without clang, yet it was not of joy, but hatred.

“The sun will not even leave a carcass, no, for I see only dust. She, sits within your ashes, sulking in dismay and regret.”

The words of the Ivory Seer continued, her tone soft and graceful as she foretold the future to a man who would not listen.

The Delivery by Temyen

Cormount, in the Northern region of the Grahtwood is usually a small, quiet village with less than a hundred people and even less excitement, however during the festival season, all of that changes.

The town market was hustling and bustling, full of people of all different races and backgrounds, all of them milling about, haggling and arguing while buying and selling. It was a melting pot of diversity and an explosion of color and language.

Multimedia Showcase

Elodie by Six
Saliah by GrumpyVivec

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