The Weekly Mudcrab #66

@Avinarih posted 8 hours ago

Literary Corner

Ash, Shadow, Inquiry Feroxus the Sundered Star

Being a young male in any society is troublesome much is expected out of this youth; he is to hunt, to be a warrior, a peacekeeper, the provider, he is to follow the words of his elders, he is a protector for the children. For Korut Malu of the Aradaru, being a young male was something much harder than he had ever dealt with; he was expected to do all this, yet he was berated, beaten, and cast aside at each attempt. He would learn these lessons would only make him something into much more than a peddler of jewelry he would become the being he was meant to be.

Incidents of Unknown KhaosRiivy

"Are you a boy? Or are you a girl?" The softened voice of a curious child filled the ears of the other hunched over figure, a child whose nails were digging deep into the soil of the chilled damp earth, getting dirt under fingernails, but they weren't bothered by this action, searching for something. Moisture seeping into the soil and making it easier to dig through from the previous rainfall the night before.

Letters to the Dead LazyFox

Dear Amiiri, Is this what it means to heal? To forget? There are days I hate myself for it. I struggle to remember the details of your face, the sound of your voice, your laugh. Then there are the times I remember too well, and I want to forget. I remember the smell that day more than anything. I remember how you smelled more than I remember your face. I get angry about that.

The Musings of Atmika at-Morad Solitude

I sit down writing this entry as I camp with Dorian at-Sendulon, the person that may actually be who I choose as my Betrothed. Both of us detest organized marriages, but this could work maybe, but the glaring issue I have is what he will think if he finds out my secret. Will he accept me for who I truly am or will he just be another way to die? He had issues with criminals in the past, but I am not like those criminals.

Multimedia Showcase

Karivishal juimon
Hundorian GrumpyVivec
Thris drawing his wife Rhoande
Daro-Lye Greyborn2

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