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[NA-DC] IC Rumor Mill

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In the taverns around Daggerfall a song has begun to be sung, credited to the bard Brennan of Avencar- it's a cheerful song with a tragic story called "The Breton who Thought She was an Orc."

The Breton who thought she was an Orc
A ballad by Brennan of Avencar

In fair High Rock was born a girl
Whose hair hung low in flaming curls
With a heart as fiery as her hair,
She’d fight any man, anywhere.

Her mother looked in horror,
Because sewing merely bored her.
She said “I’ll be a great orc chief!
With gnarled arms and pointy teeth!”

And when the army marched to war,
She said “This is what I waited for!”
She’d kill a thousand men,
And a thousand thousand again.

“And I’ll take a pair of men,” She cried,
“And make them into my forge-wives!”
But though she asked each soldier,
No two would share the right to hold her.

And when the day of battle came
She stood with sword and fiery mane.
The enemy tramped nearer,
And then they promptly speared her.

So heed me well, the lesson, of course,
Is that Bretons should not try to be orcs
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Daggerfall Covenant
Baron Remington Ridgewell, whose portion of the Ridgewell family has lived in High Rock for generations and is now mostly of Breton blood despite being a cousin to the imperial Lord James Ridgewell, has recently been linked to a group of 'liberty fighters' who have since been executed in Wayrest. Apparently the normally conservative Baron had sent funding to the group....though he claims the drakes sent were payment for work they did hunting pirates. The issue has sparked tension between the cousin and the patron of his family (Lord James Ridgewell). If rumors are to be believed the Baron will be removed form his post as a ranking member of the House Ridgewell Trading Company.

Both Lord James and Remington Ridgewell deny these rumors. They claim the Ridgewell family bond is not easily broken over fake and viciously spread gossip. Lord Remington has gone as far to suggest that the rumors are being spread by certain nobles of High Rock who cannot seem to tolerate the small amount of Imperial blood in him.
Posted Thu at 03:03 am
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