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(Set as Active) [NA-AD] The Embersap Clan

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After a crushing defeat with the Blacksap Rebellion, the city of Cormount was missing a lot.

People, motivation and hope all left the city as its original leaders either fled, died, or were put on trial for crimes against the Aldmeri Dominion. With such dark times growing close, a few Bosmer came around in attempts to raise the city; all eager to try and rebuild from the ground up.

Cormount is in desperate need of locals, hunters, fishers, guards and priests of the Green. But with a new Treethane in charge, hope shines through the dense canopy of the forest and onto the town.

Would you be willing to take a step, follow you roots, and join the
Embersap Clan?




Embersap Clan is a Bosmer themed RP guild, aiming to form a thriving town in the city of Cormount. While we are pro-Dominion, we do not actively participate in the Alliance War, nor do we seek to train soldiers for the war. We simply follow the rules and laws of the Dominion, and the Bosmeri people. We are looking to create an atmosphere that is driven by the players and their stories. We have three careers available to all players who wish to join:

❃ OAKS ❃
Oaks make up the common wealth of Cormount, aiming to be our traders, merchants, crafters and towns folk. They represent the cogs of the city, constantly working and looking to make the city a sprawling metropolis. Noteworthy Oaks have a chance to become Cedars, who take the form of nobility, participating in politics and other duties for the Clan. From dirty secrets and drama to humble traders looking to make a drake, this is our heart and soul of the Clan.

Maples are the novice hunters, trackers, and fishers of the Clan. They are responsible for ensuring Cormount has meats, hides, and bones for food and crafting. Skilled Maples have a chance to become Yews, the fighting faction of the Clan. Yews are mainly made up of guards, warriors, and defenders to our humble city. The Clan never rests, and we need skilled individuals to fill in our ranks and keep us safe.

The Cypress are our priests and priestesses of the Green, and look to spread the teachings of Y'ffre and the Green to everyone in the city of Cormount. They are our spiritual leaders, responsible for morale, guidance and support. The most devoted Cypresses become Willows, our version of Spinners. They sing the songs of Y'ffre, and record our past, present, and sometimes even futures. We all need guides when times are tough, and these humble priests will always keep the Clan's spirits high, and moving in the right direction.

All careers are lead by Elders (Elder Willows, Elder Yews, Elder Cedars), who overlook their respective divisions with care and concern. They are officers, responsible for making sure events are upheld, jobs are being done, and that their people are happy. They also have a seat in the council, where they converse with the Treethane about the wellness of the city, the needs of their people, and overall help make Cormount a better place. They excell at their jobs, and have earned the respect of their fellow Clan members.



We are an RP guild, looking to make a thriving group of players feel at home and able to be themselves. And in such, sometimes IC drama will happen. This is good, as it drives character development and allows for players to experience challenges that can be overcome. That being said, there is a ZERO tolerance policy to OOC drama. There will not be any harassment of any variety, disrespect out of character, meta-gaming, or verbal abuse or assault allowed. All races are welcome to join the Clan, but they will not be allowed to rise to the rank of Elder. As such, all religions are allowed in the Clan, but respect will still have to be paid to Y'ffre and the Green Pact. Vampires and werewolves are welcome to join, but must keep their afflictions a secret.

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Complaints? Send me an in-game mail @machete115 if you are looking to for an interview!

A special thank you to LemonSugar for the formatting and layout of this post, as well as the collages!xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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This is cool! so glad to see more bosmer RP! Can't wait to do stuff together, neighbor :d
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Posted Nov 13, 17
Aldmeri Dominion
It is exciting to see a guild based in Cormount. My Bosmer's family fled the city due to Blacksap Rebellion and it would be interesting to take her back to there again.
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Posted Nov 14, 17
new here, but very interested.
Posted Feb 28, 18