Daggerfall Covenant, Criminal File : Noreen a.k.a. Bretmer

Name : Unknown
Aliases : "Bretmer" or "The Bretmer"
Race : Wood Elf
Gender : Female

Physical Description : The few reports we have on this woman cannot seem to agree on what she looks like. Although she is most often described as a small wood elf woman with long black hair and dark green eyes, some mention blond hair, black eyes, red eyes, antlers, no antlers, or suggestive things like "angry eyes". My opinion is that the witnesses are not reliable at all (drunkards and idiots) or too scared to remember correctly.

Wanted for :
  • Assault
  • Kidnapping (and ransoming)
  • Murder (with sometimes undiscernable motives)
  • Theft (usually following an assault or intimidation)
  • Also suspected of other crimes like fraud, torture, slavery, daedra worship and skooma dealing.

Reward : Standard reward for bandits if caught, alive or dead.

"The Bretmer" is no crime boss. No matter what anyone says, she is only slightly smarter than the average thug, which does not mean much. She will commit mistakes and we will get her, if she doesn't get killed first. The citizens of the Covenant should not concern themselves with such rabble.

Lieutenant Leopold Denoncourt