The first thought that might occur to one at first glance of her is that for a Nord, she's rather short, she could even be mistaken for a Breton from behind, but her facial structure and her accent give away her Nordic heritage. Her skin is fair as the snow capped mountains of skyrim, eyes a cold blue as an frozen lake, and hair a dark contrasting brunette. Her body is slender but well toned, favoring agility over strength and her breasts are rather lacking in size.

She was the smallest and youngest of her siblings, and the only girl. Her mother died in labor when she had her, ironic considering the three larger boys that she had birthed before her, but there had been complications and a choice had to be made, the mother or the child, and her mother made that decision. So, she was raised by her father and older brothers, she wasn't much of a lady. She was taught to hunt and survive in the wilderness rather than taking care of the home.

All was well until she was fifteen, by then one by one her brothers had left home, either to be with some girl they'd met or to work or to adventure, each had their own desires. And it left her alone to care for their father who was getting unwell in his old age. When he passed away she felt alone, she had no idea where he brothers were or how to reach them and she knew of no other family. She had no choice but to strike out on her own.

Another year passed by and she found herself taken in by a gang of outlaws, murderers and theives, one of them had caught her trying to pick their pocket and instead of killing her she was taken in. She lived with and learned from them for a few years before deciding to go off on her own again, more confident this time, and she became a blade for hire, taking coin for whatever job came her way, be it inside or outside of the law, she never cared either way, and she never stayed in one town long enough for it to matter.


She wears leather armor, carries a pair of daggers and a bow.

Name - Merideth Crowsong
Gender - Female
Race - Nord
D.O.B. - 16th day of Sun's Dawn in the year 563 of the second Era, Hearts Day.
Age - 24
Birthsign - The Lover
Height & Weight - 5'4" 143lbs.
Class - Nightblade

Known Languages
Cryodilic (Tamrielic)