“There's always a choice. Sometimes you think there's not because it's easier.”

QIxklBD.jpg Name: Fenlaris ”Fen”.
Byname: Fenris. Fawn. Antlers. Laris.

Age: Middle twenties.
Birthsign: The Shadow.

Gender: Male.
Species: Wood Elf (Bosmer).

Height: 5'2” (160 cm).
Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg).

Occupation: Barkeep.
Residence: Unknown.

Religion: Undecided.
Sexual orientation: Homosexual.



Positive Traits:
Neutral Traits:
Negative Traits:

Fenlaris has a somewhat positive outlook on life and can turn any situation around. He believes that despite a situation may seem bad, it often happens for a reason – and can be observed in a different light.

He's a careful planner and doesn't jump to action, but instead thinks each move through carefully. He is extremely loyal to select people and groups, though he is careful to give his trust to anyone, thus only caring deeply for those that he trusts. As such, Fenlaris has a hard time opening up to people. He is often unsure about where he stands with people, so he often spins stories to his own benefit, letting people know only what he wishes them to.

He often has a snide disposition towards strangers and questions their words and intentions constantly, never believing their words until observing their actions. He doesn't care much for others' opinions of himself anymore, as long as this type of behaviour doesn't hurt himself in the process.

Moral Alignment:

Fenlaris has never been one to jump to conclusions. He likes to offer people the benefit of the doubt – at least until he can properly assess them through their actions. As such, he doesn't judge people based on their occupation, et cetera. He recognises that most intentions could be justified, but that doesn't mean that those intentions should be acted upon.


Fenlaris is, first and foremost, a pacifist and a hermit.

He is a Wood Elf native to a remote tribe in Valenwood. He left his tribe to learn more about Tamriel and the other races occupying the world. He still abides by the Green Pact, but only in Valenwood. He joined the Adventuring Allies in Wayrest, and since travelled and fought with them.

He opened a brothel (The Pointy End) in Wayrest, and secured coorperation with the Thieves Guild. Due to certain events, Fenlaris closed the brothel and left the Adventuring Allies to venture back into Valenwood, where he lived on his own for a while.

He returned to Wayrest and reopened a revised version of The Pointy End, offering a cozy tavern for those willing to spend their coin. For a while he used his position as barkeep to be a contact person for Dun Vahta, but now he has ventured out again alongside the Knights of a New Dawn to aid those in need.


Fenlaris is blessed with a naturally lithe and slim body, which he moves with practiced grace. His face is effeminate with soft features, often displaying a playful smile or a neutral, observant expression. His platinum hair reaches just below his shoulderblades, and his amber eyes are large with softly shaded eyelids.

Although he isn't very strong, he easily dodges incoming attacks and tires out his enemies before striking. He'd much rather prefer to run away from a fight or outsmart his enemy instead of facing them head-on.

Due to his tribal upbringing, Fenlaris has scarification on his chest, back and legs as part of his passage into adulthood.

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