Ancoron Thramar
Portrait of Ancoron (I take no possession over this image since it is not mine.)
Basic Information
Name - Ancoron Thramar
Gender - Male
Race - Altmer (Vampire: Bahavni Bloodline)
Born - 28th Sun's Dawn, 1E 25
Birthsign - The Lover
Religious Affiliation - None, believes only that he can know what is best for himself.
Occupation - High Sage of The Iron Rangers
Profession - Weapon Master | Umbral Magister
Habit - Daydreaming, tugging on beard.
Likes - Attention from the right people.
Hates and Fears - Comparity to lower generations of his kin, Fading away in time.
Sexuality - Homosexual
Physical Description
He's muscular build and tall amongst his Altmeri people. Once you lay eyes on Ancoron you'll see that he has very pale skin and pearl-blue tattoos covering one side of his face along with one side of his torso. His ears are large even for an elf and he has chocolate-brown silky hair. His face is quite handsome but his eyes look a little sad coloured with bright red iris' with a dark-green lining. He's usually seen in his obsidian armour or his pure-black leather attire, and when it comes to his scent, he smells like pure lilac essence.

Ancoron is usually seen as someone with a big heart for his people and those who support them, but don't let it fool you into thinking it's a weakness. He is willing to kill anyone and anything for the people he loves no matter how long it takes. With that out of the way he's also known for being calm and sees nobody higher than himself nor himself higher than anyone else, he's seeing everyone as his equal except for his lower generations of his bloodline.
What Ancoron would look like in real life. (I take no possession over this image since it is not mine.)
Dark Marksman Card (I take no possession over this image since it is not mine.)

Weapon Mastery:
Ancoron was trained to master the handling of all weapons within the First Era, he showed particular latent when it came to a bow. He won multiple tournaments of Archery in his time within the noble community. When it comes to Blades, be it two-handed, one-handed, duel-wield he mastered them all. The same can be said for spears, whips, crossbows, Daggers, Polearms, Axes, Clubs - the list goes on.
Magical Abilities:
Ancoron is known for his magical talents when it comes to Umbra energy, but that is not all he can do magically. He has studied Hemomancy as his secondary magical practices and is seen a very good at it. He had help from his sister who had magical mastery, she taught him from the basics to difficult magicka weaving. It's seen that he knows Restoration, Hemomancy, Umbramancy, Alteration, Enchantment, Thaumaturgy, and Mysticism.

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Prejudice and Judgement
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Extra Information
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