House Valmir is a notable & wealthy family. Owning a Manor within Auridon, just outside of Mathiisen. House Valmir has always had good, close working relations with the A.D.
Currently headed by Aronil Valmir who is a prominent local as he serves as steward to the Canonreeve of Mathiisen.

The main plotline has a focus around the war in Cyrodil and the A.D's battle to win the war. House Valmir have been commissioned by the Queen of the A.D. to support their efforts by mustering a military force to serve as a contingent within the A.D. However many different subplots / character development opportunities are developing around the main characters such as family members and others who are present regularly.

House Valmir is currently open to Diplomatic visits on behalf of the A.D.
House Valmir is recruiting those who wish to serve the A.D. in combat / any other capacity of which a skill set can be offered. Accommodation, pay, supplies and safety is offered in exchange for serve to the A.D.

The main plot progress is managed through chapters which conclude once a milestone is reached during an event / through persistent RP which can be Impromptu.

Add / Mail: Aronil Valmir / @DezVahlok

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