The Weekly Mudcrab #75

@Avinarih posted Mon at 13:02

Literary Corner

Stori Gwirodydd Tân - Fire Spirit's Story KhaosRiivy

"Jocilyn, wake up child." The familiar voice rang through her head, but the child did not stir awake. "Child. Wake Up." A man's hand moved to shake the young red haired girl, who groaned in protest as she tried to turn over, "The day is passing.." The voice spoke again. Eventually the young Breton would awaken, her deep ocean hues opening and staring at the face of the man that had stirred her from her slumber - her father.

Art Showcase

Serious Nord Warrior Aerwindale
Daro-Lye Greyborn2
Ardynn Six
Orc Warrior Woman Zero13
Pirate Morchade GrumpyVivec
One Thing Ravnie
Khajiit Portrait Dar'Kar
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