The Weekly Mudcrab #88

@Avinarih posted Mon at 9:05

Literary Corner

Chains of Freedom: Stories of the Red Lady @RedBookWyrm

She should have been asleep, but she wasn’t. The house was filled with silence, the shop beneath her in its few hours of slumber before the new girl would emerge from the hidden basement and begin the early morning work of turning flour, yeast, and water into dough. But inside of her head there was a deafening roar.

The poetry of Morchade Alexandria

Too long I walked in darkness Til thou fell over me like sunlight And left me dazzled in its starkness Bathed in the warmth of thy light

Trapped. Chem

After weeks upon weeks of tossing her words out into the aether, the diminutive and sickly Khajiiti mage had fallen into a routine. Wake up, stare at the ceiling for however long, get cleaned up, explore for whatever passed for hours on end. It was hard to discern the passage of time in Apocrypha, but such irritations didn't matter much now, anyway.

Writings of an Inquisitor Alayane

This guide to the City of Light and Magic was written over a century ago, though that would be outdated considered to many outlanders, but to the long lived Dunmer this is but a fairly recent issue. Ordinator Delanrys suggested that I read over it as he is seeking a Adjuvant to create a new guide.

Art Showcase

Finished Rhoande
Commission GrumpyVivec
Fan Service Friday Zero13
Family Portrait juimon
The White Bear of Whiterun Gordjun/Duach The Bear
Cocoa Dar'Kar
Tarot Greyborn2
Sparkly Lukavane Kallaye/Jaellel/Seleste
Amari Dornvale Ravnie
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