The Weekly Mudcrab #93

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Literary Corner

A Farmer's Daughter: Emerara's Stories Wolfie

Emerara Krexinia woke up early that morning. Nothing special about the day, but she wished to tend to her small garden before her daily chores around the small farm her and her father owned. It was a small plot of land. There was only room for a goat, that was milked when she was ready… if ready for grain was in small supply. A small area for growing of grain and Emerara’s personal garden. She grew simple veggies. Perfect for a poor man’s stew but nothing more.

Mystic Machinations Giselle

The youth was still buoyed up from the successful crystal robbery to notice the displacement and obliteration of the meagre wards that had been cast chaotically behind on quitting the tavern to complete the test. As the attic door was shut behind, with some astonishment and a squeak of surprise, the young figure leaned back against it clutching the lavender crystal tightly to a now mud streaked and sodden wool robe to see another body to the room. Brown eyes peered from beneath the hood and widened in study of the silverhaired sorcerer with the glacial pools for eyes who sat to the wooden chair and table that looked about to break under the larger form's imposing size.

Sage-Eye, the Hist healer Sage-Eye

Sage-Eye would hatch into a world of poverty, cruelty, and constant strife. She knows little of her life before slavery, not but vague memories of the dank underbelly of Thorn, the city that hatched her. Thorn, one of the eight major cities of Blackmarsh rests on the border of Morrowind close to the House Dres capital of Tear, the center of the Slave trade in Tamriel. It would be easy to guess what her fate was just by a glance of her exposed scales; whip scars etched into her back, and thirty? no, maybe fourty or more criss crossing all along her spine. It could almost be mistaken as a feral attack from sharp claws but these were meticulously placed not to kill.

Writings of an Inquisitor Alayane

Within the Great Chapel of the Sacred Lady within the Blessed City of Mournhold, City of Light and Magic, we do not carry our words proudly across the hall to show our devotion to the Three as the Nords or Imperials do to their Eight Apostates, who shall be mentioned no more.

Art Showcase

Ash Natterz
Murkmire Doggo Ravnie
Opallithia juimon
Commission Aerwindale
Eiellindren Shar
Commission GrumpyVivec
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