The Weekly Mudcrab #96

@Avinarih posted Mon at 9:38

Literary Corner

Fading Out (Akiin T'aasten) Cirinian

This rite of passage was sacred to his people. It was a rare but coveted gift, to be able to see Lonhe-Ra, "Always Ending", in direct translation to the common tongue. In that language, however, they referred to it simply as "The Fade". This Fade is a realm of parallel existence, a plane on which the dead roam the land, wandering unawares of their demise in whatever life they had lived. For one reason or another, this was to be their afterlife. There was no 'Sovngarde' for these people, nor was there any Oblivion.

Tales By The Fireplace Vauletta Varim

Vauletta grips her shoulder; blood pooling through the leather at the assault of the beast's spectral maw penetrating flesh and sinew down to the bone. The cavern, dimly lit by the ghostly form, slowly succumbs to abyssal darkness when the werebeast fades away in a vicious roar that echoes through the hollow deep. It had lost; the woman remains with a heaving chest, fingers grasping a heavy sword.

The Tales of Rhemirr Asp1r1ng Adv3ntur3r

The night sky was clear and calm above the province of High Rock, yet the mood of the city of Wayrest was anything but. The bustling town was very much alive, with revelry found throughout every corner. The taverns were filled to the brim with patrons both native and foreign, all boasting about past accomplishments or drowning in present sorrows. Bards were lined throughout the streets, who sang many ballads about tales of old and the more than occasional ode to unknown lovers. There were several festivities to partake of in the town square as well; from drinking contests to bouts of physical dominance.

Media Showcase

Morgaine and Moged Rayna
Commission Aerwindale
Traditional Painting-Kar Shar
Ully 'Little-Bear' Greyborn2
Commission GrumpyVivec
Commission juimon
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