The Weekly Mudcrab #121

@Avinarih posted Tue at 9:09

Literary Corner

Pirates of the Abecean: Tidefall cyan.wave

The cacophony of clashing swords, stomping boots, battle roars and cries of agony above made it hard to think straight. Every few seconds, a projectile - either an arrow, a zap of lightning or a fireball, slit the air over his head. Every few moments, someone dropped down, either on the deck or overboard… How did he end up here? Most importantly: how in Oblivion was he going to get out?!

The Rise and Fall of House Clarke Tykus Griffon

The sun shone brightly into the archway Aedan was standing under, forcing his eyes to squint as he looked out unto the rolling fields of waist high crops before him. A soft breeze sent waves cascading across the sun-kissed tips, before washing over him as he stood just at the threshold of his families ancestral remembrance chamber. Aedan closed his eyes and breathed in the fresh breeze that had just been flavored with the smell of a ready harvest and his mind went spinning back to his younger days playing hide and seek with his father in these very fields. He stretched his arms slightly out, allowing his Imperial tunic to breathe fully as he basked in the suns rays, losing himself to long forgotten memories of his childhood.

Tales of a Technological Dunmer F3r4n

Vamanu stared at the crimson vial and book sitting in her tent. She had been agonizing over this for the past month. It was a big decision obviously and there was the part of her mind that whispered, "It's fake. It's poison. It'll just kill you.", while another part responded, "Think of the opportunity. Eternal life to work as long as you wish, to never be at the mercy of common men, mer, or beastfolk that killed your Master, the curiosity, the potential?"

Media Showcase

Raleren juimon
Lulie leialle
Psijic Aerwindale
Commission Oswel Davenport
Justiciar Nimuehnne Shim
Daughter of Lordaeron Six
Commission GrumpyVivec
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