The Weekly Mudcrab #109

@Avinarih posted Mon at 10:45

Literary Corner

The Tales of Rhemirr Asp1r1ng Adv3ntur3r

Deep in the outskirts of Deshaan, miles away from the Obsidian Gorge, was a small estate, hidden by the overgrowth of wood and vegetation. The only signs of existence were dimly lit torches, scattered throughout the area, and the sounds of shuffling and movement. A great number of people, among them mostly Argonian, were moving restlessly to and from, performing various tasks around the estate; from unpackaging and organizing caskets of alcohol, to loading up boats and carriages for the journeys to be made across the other settlements.

Media Showcase

Andaille Family Indicinis
Commission GrumpyVivec
Commission juimon
Akhira Muxashi Chef Ashton
Mirrisen the Cathar Rhoande
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