The Weekly Mudcrab #92

@Avinarih posted Mon at 9:03

Literary Corner

Ash, Shadow, Inquiry Feroxus the Sundered Star

Korut's thoughts were always so much messier than his notes, they, reflected his real exact views, and with all opinions, they are subject to bias perception is like glass, it can temper created to be formidable, very hard to shatter. Unrelenting, pure. Though it can also be very fragile, very obscured, and while this glass is pretty and decorative, it hides what is inside or outside. Many people live in a false world; ignoring the truths and accepting the lies. Korut's problem with thoughts are the emotional ties that connect to them.

Mystic Machinations Giselle

The notice on the Mages Guild board in Shornhelm, Rivenspire was nondescript and easily passed over. It was pinned to the classified section where members tended to place advertisement for services or magical equipment, artifact or relic for sale or trade. The parchment had a jagged edge on one side and was thin and partly crumpled, showing it had been torn from a notebook rather than being from a fine quality vellum. Other, newer notices had been pinned over it, hiding much of the text unless a reader purposefully chose to lift the other pages to read it. But what might inspire anyone to actually do such? For there were many more curious, elegant and bizarrely written notices compared to the plainness of this one.

A Wolf In Breton's Clothing KhaosRiivy

They are huddled around the fire, prodding at it with a makeshift staff to stoke the flames, as they illuminated the darkness, embers flying into the night sky. The alcohol numbed their senses, mainly the ability to sit in the silence and speak normally, their whoops and hollers echoing and stirring nightly creatures from their slumbers. Owls twisted their heads to find the source of the noise, other creatures slink deeper into the trees.

Art Showcase

Sarethi and Dinya LemonSugar
Neluth juimon
Commissioned Dress Althiira/Evirea
Guar Rayna
Commission GrumpyVivec
*mocks in altmer supremacy* Ravnie
Marithawen Rani Direnni
Atmika Rhoande
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