The Weekly Mudcrab #99

@Avinarih posted Mon at 8:16

Literary Corner

An Answered Prayer [A Mercy's End Killing] Lukian

It was a lavish brothel. The decor rich but subdued without the standard gaudy flair one would expect to see in a house of ill repute. In fact the only garish sight in the establishment was Lukian. The giant Nord was dressed in a vibrant green overcoat with lace cuffs and each finger bedecked in gold rings studded with shimmering gems. It was a look far more appropriate for a dockside whore house where the thrills were cheap and the clientele far less discerning.

Tales By The Fireplace Vauletta Varim

Heresius is gone; left with his pack off to a place only the gods know, and she is here. She has sent Lucia away, again. Once more she is without her daughter, and now without her husband. The days were starting to blend with the nights - just as dark, as cold, as quiet and ominous. The Varim estate dwindles in number with soldiers being used in the town, many of them having died a week before, and some not believing that Vauletta could hold the fort while Lord Varim was gone. Lirmaea the Serpent-Touched slipped from her prison and now roams freely among mortals, bringing with her pestilence and omens that wreck a quiet kind of havoc - one that can't be seen until it was too late.

Media Showcase

Vierge Shar
Daro Lye Greyborn2
Atmika and Khari Six
Svelta Chef Ashton
Commission GrumpyVivec
Valdis, prized Wynheim mare Rayna
Commission juimon
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