The Weekly Mudcrab #83

@Avinarih posted Mon at 18:20

Literary Corner

Ash, Shadow, Inquiry Feroxus the Sundered Star

Though many walked along a road of pain, sorrows, and emptiness, they fail to do one action while they are experiencing these things. They never harness the sheer rawness of such emotions; they never let it fuel them to take a step forward. They presume that these monsters that haunt them are there to bog them down and suffocate them or drown them in tears.

A Pale Knight thetookybird

Once, he dreamed of naught but void. Once, the silence was maddening. A constant and unending loneliness that gnawed through flesh and ate upon the damning heart that still beat. It never ceased - the emptiness, the rhythmic beat of his damnation.

Werebeast Horror Stories GoldLycaeon

It was a bright night, as the moons were full and shining through the leaves of the forest I was walking through. It was one of those nights. I had just finished a drinking game with the comrades at the tavern, and of course I decided to take a shortcut that night.

A Wolf In Breton's Clothing KhaosRiivy

“Are you much of a hunter?” The man’s gruff voice addressed her as she adjusts the furs to wrap them more around herself, the young girl pulls at the meat she had been eating with such vigor, shaking her head. She was silent save for her chewing as she gulped down the drink he offered her. “No..” Her voice finally breaks through. “At least, not in the way most ask the answer of that question..” She elaborated, and stuffed more meat into her mouth, fingers moistened by her gestures.

Art Showcase

Commission Aerwindale
Eyes Ravnie
Commission GrumpyVivec
Xev Six
Commission InquisitorFenris
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