The Weekly Mudcrab #104

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Literary Corner

Daughter of the Scorned Rykoth

"Daughter... what is this?" Bogroth roared. Khurza sprung up in bed, stealing a glance towards the male beside her. She could see the fury in her father's eyes, the fury that she had only ever seen directed towards her brother. She froze when she realized that he had his warhammer drawn, ready to lash out at her lover that she had stolen a quiet night with. She didn't know she was going to talk her away out of this situation. Before she was able to charm her father out of harming Thrusk but this was something else.

In Death, a Wilderqueen Tiid-Drog

Everything was spinning, lines blurring into one another until there were no specific shapes, save one. Each little noise struck like a clap of thunder, drowning out all thoughts. All that was left was raw, explicit emotions. The familiar slate gray fur of the giant bear was matted with blood, gleaming red in the light of the rising sun. Had she not been covered in wounds and ichor, one might even mistake her as sleeping. Beneath her lay the motionless body of a pale skinned mer. His eyes too, were glazed over, but held a pink tint where they once were red.

Warrior Of Kyne Fjordrod

In a farm near the city of Whiterun there lived a proud nord family trying to make a living in this harsh, cold land of skyrim. In the 2E 562, Last seed 7st a boy was born in that farm. He was given the name Fjordrod by his parents Alstaag and Helgevi. As a proud soldier of the ebonheart pact, his father Alstaag promised to himself to make a strong warrior out of Fjordrod who will be able to protect his family and honor.

Media Showcase

Tacita and Belisarius GrumpyVivec
The Barbarian of Bravil, August Quintilla Ishtazar aw'Los
Commission juimon
I don't bite (Or do I?) Aerwindale
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