To keep this information as small as possible, I'll try and be concise!

1.) No guild bashing! If you don't like it, don't read it. If it's outright offensive contact a Moderator or Admin.

2.) Please realize this is a role play community!
Now we're very welcoming of all guilds but we do have a small rule. Role players -must- be welcome if you are posting here to gain members.

3.) Please let us know what type of role play your guild plans to do. This can be done by signifying something in your post about what stance the guild plans to take on RP, i.e:

Light, Medium or Heavy.

Strictly RP.

PVP --> RP --> PVE

or any types of mish-mash.

4.) Keep bumping to a -minimum- and with only 'relevant' updates. If you don't have an update and you really want to get it back up the ladder, you may use a 'bump' but only do it -once a week-. We don't need guilds spamming the bumps just because another guild bumped their thread.

5.) Please add in additional information based on the region and platform your guild will be using (if you know.) If you are unsure, leave it as 'undecided' for now.

Thank you!

Once again, you have come to an RP central hub for guilds all around. Do understand that majority, if not all people looking for guilds here, are looking for guilds that have at least -some form- of role play included.

Keep that in mind when you're posting for social guild recruitment, PVE or PVP.

Also, once again; bump only ONCE a week unless it's relevent updates. We don't need spam bumps.

Thank you.