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Morrowind OOC guild and community!

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"Located in the north-east of Tamriel, much of the landscape is as twisted and
mountainous as its neighbor Skyrim, but it is a hot, desolate land, even far from
Vvardenfell and its famous volcano, Red Mountain. Previously named Resdayn,
Veloth, Dwemereth, and Dunmereth, it was home to the mysterious, lost Elven
tribe called the Dwemer, and their cousins, the Chimer of Summerset who became
the Dark Elves of today. For the last two Eras, it has been called Morrowind."

-- Pocket Guide to the Empire, Third Edition


MORROWINDS is an allied community to "Children of Skyrim," designed to compliment their purpose, and centered around the deep and vast Morrowind Role-play community on the Ebonheart Pact, North American PC server of Elder Scrolls Online. Whether you are a loyal House member, Tribal Ashlander, Pact Citizen or true Outlander looking to make a name for yourself, you are welcome in the sacred lands of the Velothi people.

"Find your House, find your Clan, find your Kin..."

The OOC Hub Guild

Founded on December 31st, 2015, the Morrowinds OOC hub guild is designed for several purposes:

  • Finding RP in and around the Morrowind Community.
  • Networking directly with Morrowind RP Guild leaders, Councillors and Site Admins.
  • Staying up to date with community events and plot-lines.
  • Promoting for IC guilds in the community.
  • Phasing to other RPers in Morrowind, so that you never feel alone again.
  • Making friends and connections within the Morrowind community.

To request an invite, send a pm or mail in-game to @symi, @sebayaketo, @jtheexile, @reymassamarys, @joshmindseye or @snakeyes45acp.

There is no need to be directly related to the Morrowind community to join, either, anyone on EP is welcome to join up!

The Community Website

The website at MORROWINDS.COM offers a Morrowind-focused community and active forums
for everything from character profiles, events and guild advertisements, to fun gif
threads, stories and contests! Join in the fun with your enjin account today!

Come one, come all, and continue your adventures in Morrowind!

Social Media

If you are so inclined to interact with us on social media, please be sure to follow us:


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Check out the first of many character spotlights on Morrowinds.com! @Dominator046 won top prize in our New Years giveaway, which netted him 100k gold and the first character spotlight for the site's official launch!

Read more here:

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Web site is dead.
"I do not do OOC Drama"

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