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Nord [NA-EP][Nord] Brynjorn

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Race: Nord
Gender: Male
Age: 29 years old
Associations: A member of a Western Skyrim-based Militia group which arose in response to Reachmen activity.
Alignment: Neutral Good
Birthplace: Solitude (2E 556) Under The Mage
Current Residence: Nomadic

Height: 6'7"ft. (2.007meters)
Weight: 250lbs (113.4kg)
Build: A slender, wiry build with an even-toning of muscle
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: Dark Auburn
Distinguishing Features: Often adorned with a homemade face paint which shows up in purposeful streaks across his face and brow.


Skills: In seasons of peace, Brynjorn practices as a boatwright, crafting traditional Nordic longships. His simplistic lifestyle has taught him to live off the wild comfortably. His summers spent in the militia have honed his abilities in combat to a decent extent.

Tactics: He relies on speed and agility to quickly dispatch opponents in combat. As a strategist, he is unscrupulous and follows no clear code of conduct in his methodology. His "win at all cost" mentality predominates most of his combative tactics.

Strengths: A highly perceptive and intelligent example of a Nord. What at times may appear to be dumb luck, Brynjorn often prospers from a level headed series of calculations and assessments of his surroundings. He masks these strengths with a consistent display of public histrionics and needless, friendly fisticuffs.

Weaknesses: A predominant mistrust of most people. He is highly isolated in most personal matters, and can even appear shy on initial interactions. His emotional isolation and mistrust often causes him to miss out on potentially crucial allies and relationships.

Equipment: Commonly light equipped for speed and distance. His primary weaponry consists of a traditional hunting spear (favored over a bow), a light, wooden buckler shield, a crudely made axe which hangs within reach of his primary arm at all times, and a heavily tattered pack of assorted hunting supplies and traps.



Primary Motivator: Presently, Brynjorn operates rather aimlessly with the basal motivation of survival guiding his steps. After living a life of revenge for many years, he has reached a place of emptiness and being unfulfilled.

Emotional Disposition: Despite his private ways, he has a friendly and loyal disposition. Prone to smiling and a hearty giggle over less approachable demeanors.

Sense of Humor: An overly sarcastic and frequently flowing sense of humor when in the company of friends.

Integrity/Morals: Following a skewed sense of morality, Brynjorn is best described as a neutral (or slightly chaotic) good hearted individual. Easily viewed as unscrupulous to the refined eye; he does not adhere to common ideologies when it comes to "playing fair". Though extremely hesitant to pledge loyalties to any major groups or factions, Brynjorn is unwavering in the defense of family and what he considers to be the "true Skyrim".

Impulsiveness: Analogous to a two-sided coin, Brynjorn can appear extremely impulsive -- charging head first into a situation with reckless abandonment. Though in truth, this is often a result of taking a very skillful quick assessment of his current surroundings. He often prospers in situations which upon the surface may appear no more than a string of dumb luck.

Flexibility: Brynjorn lacks a great deal of flexibility due to his crippling mistrust of others. If he is uncomfortable in a situation, he will quickly turn to a fight or flight.

Conformity: In a similar manner: conformity is lacking in his character, as he may interpret a change of plans with suspicion. Those who have been able to break through his emotional barriers slightly may describe him as stubborn or thick-headed.

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexal

Openness/Sexual Expression: As an emotionally isolated widower, Brynjorn is not overly sexual in a recurring sense.

Religious Affiliation/Worship: Often referencing the gods in his conversational speech, Brynjorn is a moderately devout follower of the Nordic Pantheon, though rarely does he name them separately. In truth, he also holds a special reverence to the Old Ways, and dreams of a time of great Nordic conquest in ages past.


Brynjorn was born to a humble logging family on the 21st of Last Seed in 556 of the 2nd Era. Their tiny community rested on the banks of the Karth River, just up stream from the shadows of the Dragon Bridge. It was at a young age that Brynjorn first felt the pains of war seeping forth from the Reach and infringing on his peaceful village's lifestyle. The basics of fighting and hunting were a necessity of his people, and Brynjorn grew in the confines of only ever knowing the hostile lands of his beloved Skyrim.

At 19, Brynjorn married a girl named Signy, the daughter of a local farmer. Before their first year together the defining tragedy of Brynjorn's young life struck. With the dreams an attack on Solitude, a band of Reachmen came up through the Karth, devastating the peaceful home that Brynjorn had always known. Left in their wake were the bodies of both her parents, along with the remains of his beloved Signy.

The fires of revenge burned long in the emotional remains of Brynjorn's heart. Along with several of his cousins, he found himself in the ranks of a small militia force, which violently made war within the deep cliffs of the Reach's domain. Tactics within these frequent campaign's were designed to combat that of the wild men they faced -- vicious and savage. Late in the year with the Karth's freezing, Brynjorn would return to his late in-laws farm to see to the land. Seasoning here each winter, he would always be found crafting a single longboat, which he would take each spring to be sold for the war effort. In the following months, he would find himself back in the sting of raids against the Reach.

With every killing, Brynjorn's heart ached all the more, until he was left a hollowed husk with only emptiness to replace his pain. It was not until his 25th year did Brynjorn forgo another tour with the militia. By this time, most of his cousins and friends had either fallen at his side or turned their sights east to Jorunn's cause. Brynjorm chose to take to a life of isolation, spending several months passing through Hjaalmarch, until acquiring a small shack of hunting cabin in the wilderness of Whiterun.

It was here in this cabin, in the winter of 2E 581 that Brynjorn was reunited with his cousin Ketilenne, and her husband Hundolfr. It was their spurning and grim tales of Jorunn's efforts and the state of the east that stirred Brynjorn from his isolation. To the east he has now turned... and it is here that our tale begins.

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The following is a brief summary of Brynjorns adventures and the roleplay experiences that have shaped his character over the past 3 years since this original biography was posted.
"I give praise to my ancestors
For the blessings of my blood,
And give honor with drink."

All that once sustained his heart have passed or gone. Even his beloved Skyrim -- both East and West -- have become a vision he can barely recognize. In the year after Ketilennes passing, great trial befell the spirit of Brynjorn. His family was now fully gone before him; on to Sovngarde or otherwise. He was alone again. The path to Sovengarde is glory; though they tell naught the weight of solitude that covers the shoulders of an aging warrior.

"I honor this land whose roots lie beneath me,
Whose earth brought forth so many,
And took them back again."

Year 2: When Breyya of Solitude led him to The Companions, Brynjorn had no true desire for renewed kinship. Though drawn in he became, as the taste of battle was all he had come to know -- and his time among them was wrought with it. It was among The Companions in 2.E. 582 that Brynjorn slew the troll chieftain Hǫg, and was gifted his mighty spear Svartrkæsia for his help in reclaiming Fallowstone Hall. Oaths he took not however -- As he shall only know Sovngarde when the Gods deem him ready.

"I am a guest of this community,
who has welcomed me in their hearts.
I give honor to those who listen with words of inspiration."

In a strange turn of events, Brynjorn fell prisoner in battle to a mighty Coven mother in the waining months of 2.E. 582. The ethereal-elf witch spared him, due to his ferocity against the forces that had employed her magik. In all ways, the bond that grew between them was significant to Brynjorn; just as it was confusing. Few forces outside of his forests were so enticing (yet terrifying) to him, like those he experienced while bound to her will.

"I am a guest on this Native land,
Whose bounty feeds my body.
With a gift of sacredness,
I show respect to the Native spirits."

Year 3: In the Spring of 2.E. 583, Brynjorn was sought out by a childhood friend in the Rift -- after rumors of him having brutally slain a were-beast in that area spread through the country. Child-friend Storri brought news of a mighty Reachman that was poised to decimate their native village -- and upon much convincing, Brynjorn decided to rejoin his militia, and return westward for the looming campaign. The Spring saw much blood flow through the Reach; until upon the 12th of Sun's Height, Brynjorn himself slew the Reach-Mage leader of the uprising. The victory came at a cost however, as the mage cursed Brynjorn with a touch of his staff -- setting a frost rune upon his chest which was promised to kill him slowly. It was not until the end of Last Seed that Brynjorn was able to seek out the Coven Mother, who was able to dispel the curse and free him of its fate.

"Hear me Kyne:
You see my heart, and I am seen.
You hear my words, and I am heard.
You feel my fears, my foes, my flight,
You fathom deep my path and plight."

Year 4: Fully healed of his wounds, and with the trauma of war once again behind him, Brynjorn sets out to see the world beyond Skyrim -- to seek glory in this life, and to see how far the watchful eye of the Gods may follow him. (Our story continues once more...)

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