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[NA] Conclave of Night | Vampire/Werewolf/Monster Hub + Forum

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Could you add me? I'm planning a vampire character! @Nyami
Posted Oct 23, 17
Aldmeri Dominion
Hello all,

For those of you who don't know me my name is Gideon or just Gid for short and the Conclave of night or CoN was my brainchild that was started just about a year ago with the help of my Co-Gm and writing partner along with several friends I had in the community. At the time there were several prominent Vampire guilds on the server, spread across the various factions when faction walls were still up. However we knew that the walls were coming down and after a long time of knowing of one another but never really getting a chance to interact I set in motion the wheels that eventually brought us all together IC and OOC. I was already friends with many of the GM's and officers of the other guilds before the formation of the CoN and the lowering of the walls so it was easy to bring us all together.

Things were great for a long time, the alliance of guilds ran many events and had a lot of fun. However House Ravnore or HR is really the only founding member of the Conclave that is still active. Some guilds self destructed in spectacular fashion, as sometimes happens, some guilds faded away due to inactivity, some guilds even stopped being vampire guilds. All of which happens in rp communities. Guilds come and go, players come and go, its just the nature of the beast.

However, as the founding guild, looking at the CoN now its not really anything and I think its time to just let it die. The in game guild is never utilized for anything and there's really no forum activity either. In fact the guild enjin page only averages about 10 visitors a day. To contrast, HR has fewer members but averages anywhere from 40-120 visitors a day. So the CoN site is pretty dead for a place that's supposed to be a hub for multiple guilds. I don't have the energy or motivation to drive my own guild and also put energy into the CoN and right now as far as I know there's no unified front of Vampire guilds left out there.

I think its time to go ahead and end it. My Co-GM and writing partner Olyviana owns both the site and the in game guild. We put up a poll on the site and with the limited response we got we are gonna go ahead and close down both the in game guild and the enjin site.

TL:DR The CoN was fun while it lasted, thank you to all of those who helped to contribute to its birth, growth and success, but its time to move on as its just a dead husk of a alliance at this point.
Posted Nov 18, 17
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