Greetings and welcome to the overview thread for Children of Skyrim (CoS), which is a community for Skyrim roleplayers on the NA-EP server of the Elder Scrolls Online. This community formed during November of 2014 with the intent of providing a prosperous, evolving, and high quality RP experience for players whose characters find Skyrim their home. It has grown incredibly since its debut, and continues to do so, now featuring multiple weekly events, massive story-arcs, new and old guilds, and much more to keep your character invested in a breathing community. All of the more in depth information for the community can be found on our forums here, but I will include relevant information in this post as well for those of you interested in knowing more or stopping by for the first time. Thank you for your time and may Kynareth guide you.

What CoS offers:

We have, both, a TS server and a Discord server. Both of these are kept up to date and allow for each guild to have their own channel and admins for them. Information for those can be found in this thread.

We have an active OoC phasing guild for our community. If you are interested in joining that ask around in game or simply make a post in this thread to get added to it.

We have multiple weekly events as well as many more, hosted by the various guilds within our community. Our event calendar can be found here. In addition to this we also offer a forum where events can be planned or kept up to date with information. These are public and can be used by anyone and is found on the main forum.

For those who own a guild or those looking for one, we offer guild listings, a beautiful guild HQ map, private guild leader forums, and guild tags which can be requested by filling out this form. I also highly recommend checking out this thread which gives a more in depth description for new guilds.

If you are confused as to guild locations/ownership of lands look no further than this wonderful post to understand our stances on this issue.

How to Join:

The easiest way would be to head on over to our site and sign up. After you are there, or even if you find us in game, you should check out the Events calendar and the Event Forum for a quick idea of where you character can fit in.

Beyond those we have Rumor Mill threads and also Story threads as well for the longer plots and events. We have Town Criers posted on the site as well, for using the forums to find IC access to plots that you may not have heard in game.

Most importantly we want you to share your thoughts, characters, journals, art, and your lovely self with us. Take advantage of our forums and connect with the community and we will continue to prosper. Some of our hottest threads have been for personal projects regarding art, commissions, or even asking for help for some sort of project. We are here for the community and we support those within it.

Who leads CoS:

In short, you do. Our community is not led in any specific direction by any one person. Instead the community is led by its members. We hold votes on the direction of the community for most aspects. With this being said we do have a structure for leadership. Currently called Advisors. All of the important information can be found in this post. I will summarize the Advisors as this. People who are elected to the position by the community and do what they can to settle any drama, squabbles, what have you, while spending their time doing what they can for the community. They are here to make sure you are having fun and that's about it.

We are currently in the process of bringing our own IC Council back in the form of Guild Leaders. More info to be found as time goes on.

I thank you for your time in reading this. If you have any further questions please let me know below. I will gladly take the time to answer them for you. I hope to see you online soon to share our stories together. Our community is what you make of it. Take advantage of what we offer and you will find yourself surrounded in many a fun journey, that I can promise you.

"Our Halls are open to you"