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The Order of the Sacred Knights.

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I greet you, on behalf of The Sacred Knights, those who follow light.

Greetings. I am Ai'karut, the 7th Lord Commander of The Sacred Knights, an order founded to serve the light of Stendarr the Merciful.

Our order desires to protect the innocent people of Tamriel who simply wish to live their lives safely.

Our order was founded by Nirandil Aedore, the first Lord Commander, after travelling the world for nearly a century, and finding the Chapel of Stendarr, in the city of Chorrol, northern of Cyrodiil. After nearing the chapel, it is said that she heard a voice, a voice so soothing that it could calm the giants of Skyrim, a voice so warm that it could melt snow. It is said that she heard Stendarr the Merciful calling to her.

After hearing the call, she went and befriended the priests in the Chapel, and finally, they formed the Order of the Sacred Knights, an order to follow his grace, and spread his word. To save Tamriel from those who lurk in the dark.

To fight the forces of evil.

After the forming of The Order, Niranil went on a quest to spread his word, and the glory of the Chapel. But ultimately passed away while she was serving the light.

All Lord Commanders possess the same quest, to serve the light, and to spread the will of Stendarr the Merciful. And so I am here to recruit you who has light in their heart.

Our order has 2 divisions; Knights, and Priests.

Knights Most Holy


Miles: Lowest rank for a Knight. They are the infantryman of the army.

Eques: Actual Knighthood granted, and duty is expected to Stendarr the Merciful. “Knight” is used by men & women equally. Men who follow Stendarr, and reach this “Knight” rank are given the honorific title of Chevalier. Females who reach the “Knight” rank are given the honorific title of Chevaleresse.

Eques Gratia: A Knight who has demonstrated selfless giving to the needy or who has volunteered above and beyond selflessly.

Eques Virtute: A Knight who has demonstrated potential leadership ability. They have been a leader among their peers in several situations. They lead the troops to battle. Knight of Virtue is the highest rank one can attain as a knight.

The Chapel of Stendarr


Discipulus: Those wishing to join the Chapel of Stendarr live their lives as apprentices. After coming to the Chapel and living as a guest for not less than three days, the deacons may bless the apprentice to become a priest. There is no formal ceremony for the clothing of an apprentice, he or she simply receives permission to wear the clothing of a apprentice.

Sacerdos: Followers of Stendarr who were blessed by a bishop. They possess the power to communicate between his grace Stendarr and his followers. They are those who have touched the door of sacred knowledge, and are in search of more. They are required to wear priest robes.

Diaconus: Deacons are those who have grasped at least half of the sacred knowledge. They have gained Stendarr's blessings, and are on their way to reach the level of bishop. Deacons are required to wear white-gold robes.

Episcopus: The rank of Bishop is the highest one can get as a priest. There can only be one bishop in the Chapel of Stendarr. Those who have fully comprehended the sacred knowledge have the chance of being attained as a bishop by his grace Stendarr himself.

"Stendarr says: Be kind and generous to the people of Tamriel. Protect the weak, heal the sick, and give to the needy."
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OOC INFO: The Sacred Knights, an RP project dedicated to serving light. I aim to make the Chapel resemble the Medieval Catholic Church, and make the Order of Knights Most Holy, The Crusaders.

If you want to join, send a /w or mail to @Cynadil in game. We're just starting out so we're low on members, and we welcome all.
Posted Jan 7, 17 · OP
Hey very cool. I like this kinds. Trying to make my own order too. But i got many characters. so i would love to join. I even think i got "knight and "priest" my game id is @muffe888. so lets be in touch
Posted Feb 25, 17
Daggerfall Covenant
High Rock
Very nice. Our guild is somewhat similar in that we're an "Order of Knights". We should definitely keep in touch for some role-playing. Perhaps we could even forge some sort of alliance.
Posted Apr 12, 17