Moons!... ain't exactly sure what tree-squirrels are up-to, but that is one extensive list of "rules". Saint Benedict himself would probably tip his hat to the effort. One must admit, however, to being slightly non-plussed by the admonition to eschew "Gore" and "Pornography"... these are not things this one has heretofore encountered in paddings-about in AD-EU Lands, but, not having spent much time in Marbruk, one must admit such horrors may be a prevalent evil Khajiit was unaware-off.

Ashlik (/shrugs)... one is somewhat curious about this Valenwood-Hub; but above "posting" does not seem to contain any of those "linky-things" that are so useful when enquiring into such organizations. Perhaps this is an oversight? Alternately, perhaps the intention is to recruit purely by 'pur... "word-of-mouth" among existing ADRP-folk? What fun!... very cloak-and-dagger that'd be!

In any event, best of luck with this endeavour... this one hopes the results will adequately reflect the "vision" of those guiding it.