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Breton [NA-DC] Ser Basile Feurieux - Knight of Stormhaven

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B A S I L E _ F E U R I E U X

At a Glance

When one seeks to imagine a Noble Knight, clad in impressive plate and steadfast in his path for glory, they would do quite well to picture one certain Breton: Ser Basile Feurieux, Lord of a mountainous demesne in northern Stormhaven, mimics this exact illustration. Whether gandering him atop a great destrier patrolling the bordering mountain valleys, charging through the flank of a great army, or slaying great beasts throughout the realm of High Rock or, perhaps, abroad, it is not odd for one to see this Knight with lance or sword within grasp. Here ye, then, to the story and background of this warrior, for it is he who, if his ire is contracted, you may find either thrusting lance for you--or even more fiercely, against you.

Born in the land of chivalry and knightly virtue, High Rock encourages much in the behavior of its Knights. Basile, however, is a shining example of this. The definition of chivalry, Basile exhibits piety, courage, and honor in his actions. Whether expelling the great enemies of the Kingdom, fighting Orcs in the northern reaches of his demesne, or stunning enemies in tournament, this Knight focuses on the glory of great Deeds of Arms. His code and upbringing, however, have a tendency to affect those beneath him in station. Whether seen as pompous, severe, or whether they are affected by his ideals directly, many do not appreciate the ideals that Basile holds dear. Continuously, however, Basile proves steadfast in his adherence to the great Code of Chivalry.

Ser Basile Feurieux

B A S I C _ I N F O R M A T I O N

▪ Age: 32
▪ Born: Wayrest,
▪ Species: Breton
▪ Gender: Male
▪ Occupation: Landed Noble Knight of Stormhaven
▪ Affiliations: Kingdom of Stormhaven--Vassal-- Marquis
▪ Constellation: The Lord
▪ Apparent Age: Thirties
▪ Hair: Chestnut Brown, often shaved off
▪ Eyes: Deep Blue
▪ Skin: Pale, Fair
▪ Build: Athletic
▪ Height: 6’0” ft
▪ Weight: 195 lbs


Gear: Though not terribly extravagant, Basile's armor effortlessly creates an impending figure that provides impressively protective qualities. Each piece of plate was an an exquisite silver, adorned with deep blue anodized trim upon each piece, from breastplate to sabaton, from tasset to vambrace, and from pauldron to gauntlet. Although, the armor was not perfect. Each piece displayed a certain degree of hard use in both practice and battle. However, Basile ensured that the outer plate was repaired and kept to top shape. Beneath the thick coating of leather strapped plate was a thin layer, though strong, of complex, metal-linked chainmail. The whole multilevel of shell allowed for Basile to have the protection that a Knight required.

Weapon: His sword, a steel-grey length of steel topped by an jagged hilt and cross guard, is an expensive tool for destruction. Holding the bottom of the sword together, the pommel features a curved shape, featuring a sharp edge that can be used seamlessly as a cutting utensil if required. Forged in the hot embers of Wayrest’s forges, the blade holds a strong edge that begs to slice through the nearest object of desire.


Meredith Feurieux (deceased) - Mother

Esther Feurieux (deceased) - Father

Nathalie Feurieux - Sister

"I love Basile, and I always will. Not only will he be forever in my heart, I am proud to name him the heir of this family--With all of the blessings that may come with it."

"Basile has become a man of intense capability, I am proud to call him my son."

"What would I do without my brother? He has been around for longer than I, so I must therefor accept unwillingly that he his wiser. However, I will not let him think that.."


To define the personality of a man who implements a great mixture of aspects towards different ends would be quite difficult. This paragraph, however, shall attempt to do so. Yet depending on the chosen impetus of a certain individual, their disposition, and their stance as friend or enemy, Basile’s emotions are likely to swivel upon a fence.

To those unworthy, Basile Feurieux makes quick work. A man of little hesitation, often combining a mixture of glorious verbose and swift action into play, Basile is quite invigorated with those who choose to become his enemy.

To friends, this Breton makes a steadfast and honorable companion. Always willing to put sword towards the protection of those worthy, Basile’s friendly disposition is quite interesting. Often attempting to implement wit and light-hearted discussion when appropriate, this Noble Knight can often be found in less serious moods when in less serious environments.

A B I L I T I E S _ & _ E Q U I P M E N T

Generally, the Lord in Stormhaven is not much more than a mounted warrior. His exceptional practice with both lance and arming sword warrants much praise, skills that the Breton have developed since a young lad.

Basile’s battlefield equipment is best summarized thus:
The Sword of Feurieux -- Arming Sword, often sheathed at the hip.
The Holy Lance of Maisontaal -- Enchanted Lance, ten feet.. Emits a great golden glow used to pierce through the armor of enemies of all kinds, though.. It, by the grace of Stendarr, can disintegrate the Undead and some Daedra.
Bred Destrier: This horse, laden with an exceptional coat, stands taller than most. Its massive muscular form proved bred to wear extensive armor, a caparison, chapron, and more. Long stirrups allow Basile to nearly stand in the saddle.


Born in Wayrest, Basile is the son of Esther and Meredith Feurieux. Esther, the former Lord of the demesne in the northern Stormhaven mountains, married another Lady of nobility, Meredith, who gave birth to Basile while on business in the main city.

For much of his early childhood, Basile watched as his destiny laid out before him. At age nine, he became a page to another vassal of the King of Stormhaven, and by twelve he had become a full squire. Much of this period was spent training in matters of battle, religion, and noble etiquette.

Basile proved knighted at age twenty-one, where his father bestowed upon him a minor area of land within the demesne. He presided over this land and often found himself in battle with the various Orc invaders that sought to press through the northern mountains from Orsimer.

At the age of twenty-nine, Esther Feurieux died in battle at the hands of Olog Grog-Drinker, a crude, mountain Orc. Since then, the Orc retreated and only a few various raids have ensued since the death of Basile’s father. Basile, however, forgets not. And even still, after assuming the position of Marquis, has continued to put lance towards the enemies of his demesne and the Kingdom of Stormhaven. Watching vigilantly for any trace of the Orc warlord, Basile stands ready.

w / _ s o m e _ i n s p i r a t i o n _ f r o m _ c a y t h w y n

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Bump! Updated recently with a new format! More actual images beyond the art to come!

As well, thank you much to Ravnie, who made the template!
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Gold Coast
I loved this read. While I am a touch busy with holidays and trying to schedule role play with others, I'd love to get together. My Breton, Velika, is dark but deceptively so. I think they'd make for an interesting dynamic, as I am always on the lookout for characters more on the good side of the spectrum to roleplay her with. Check her out! See if youd be interested in at least getting in one session.

I'm on my phone at the moment, but I have Velika Tizane's profile down in my signature. Though I'm afraid you may not learn much!
Posted Dec 29, 18
Thank you so much! Hoping to add a lot of the aesthetic aspects that make profiles such as yours so great, when I get on it again. Anyways, I would love to try an interaction between them out and see where it goes! I'll send you a request on Discord, and maybe we can set something up!
Posted Dec 29, 18 · OP