So you are looking for a roleplay guild? Nightwalkers of Fate are looking for new members! We descend from a bloody background, fighting every day of our lives against the enemy that is evil. Yet in this cruel and unforgiving world, where lines can so easily be blurred, we have taken in this evil that we seek out, and use it to our advantage in our fights against chaos.

Vampires who seek to kill villains, thieves who steal from criminals, assassins who murder corrupt individuals. We may have wicked ways of going about our business, but we are efficient and we are dedicated. If you find yourself wondering without a purpose, committing what others believe to be crimes, but doing so with good intentions, then the Nightwalkers of Fate welcome you.

Do you have to be stealthy? No. I myself am not a stealthy character, so people who join do not have to be either. Use whatever play style you want, as long as you make it your own. I would like to have a team that works cohesively, so was thinking of making members start new characters specifically for the guild, so each person could create a character that has a crucial part of this guild. Additionally, we would all be the same level, and it would mean no one would feel like they are less valuable.

What will we do when we start roleplaying? Well, we would work as a team to gather as much money as possible at first. We would eventually save up the money for a member to buy a house that we can all use as a guild meeting place. As for questing, we would talk about which ones to do in-game. Crafting would be essential, and some people would have to keep their relevant crafts high enough to supply the guild with enchanted weapons / potions / armour. Basically, it would be a team effort where everyone does something to help the others out. Don't be afraid to play a character who doesn't damage or tank. Healers and crafting are just as important!

So if you want to join and be apart of a merry band of travellers who seek out evil by fighting fire with fire, then please contact JuliusCaesar387 or mail me on here, I come on for a bit every now and then, so I will notice just as quickly.