Currently, beginning July 1st, 2017 House Rousseau at-Rabiah, The Concourse, and those participating from the community will be presenting a community plot, The March War. We invite the community to experience what a House Rousseau at-Rabiah guild 'season' is like, partake of the story, and feel all the feels along with us. There are many ways to participate:

1. Passively. In this way, you are free to join our discord, which is linked below, and attend events and role play about The March War at your leisure. This is a great way to participate for those who are unsure how they fit in at first, for those who wish to "be part of the chorus" as you will, or wish to experience it first before joining. Upon joining our discord, these individuals will be given the "Independent" rank.

2. Actively. If you wish to join and actively engage the plot to significantly change the story - as we give major participant choices during every lead-up event and episode that effects how the story unfolds - you will need to officially join one of the Alliances laid out in the original post here. As participating in this way does indicate that you will need to join a guild website listed, this can be temporary if you wish depending on the Alliance of your choice. This is for organizational purposes and to ensure all actively participating do so in a positive, immersive fashion. Upon joining our discord, these individuals will be given the rank that pertains to the Alliance of their choice, which will grant them access to prompts/job postings and reminders for role play regarding their Alliance.

Preserving peace from a tyrant, the Alik'r people and their allies will wage a Civil War against their oppressor.

Discord Link: https://discord.gg/sMV9WhD

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