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Looking for RP partner, friendship, relationship

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Hey, I'm new to ESO rp but not to rp in general. I use to write stories with my character and with others, so I like to develop my characters very deeply. I'm looking for a nice redguard male to meet my retired redguard soldier female. She is already a bit aged, but she doesn't want to feel useless. Because of her injuries, it's hard for her to keep up.
She already has a daughter, but she never married.
I don't want to write too much here, so if anyone is interested, please write me =)

PS: Spiele auch sehr gern in Deutsch, falls es Deutschsprachige hier gibt. ;)
Posted Jul 24, 17 · OP
Hello there, I recently migrated to the EU server with a redguard and have had trouble finding a community in the Alik'r Desert. If you'd wish to start organizing and attracting RP there, I'd love to co-op a few events with my current main, a Redguard.

You may contact me with the in-game handle of @Xalmarian
Posted Jul 26, 17 · Last edited Jul 26, 17