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[EU] Cyrodilic Census

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C Y R O D I L I C. .. .C E N S U S
E C H O E S. .O F. .T H E. .S T A R R Y - H E A R T
'A N D. .I N. .T H O S E. .D A Y S. .T H E. .E M P I R E. .O F. .T H E. .C Y R O D I I L S. .W A S. .D E A D...'

'And in those days the empire of the Cyrodiils was dead, save in memory only, for through war and slug famine and iniquitous rulers, the west split from the east and Colovia's estrangement lasted some four hundreds of years. And the earth was sick with this sundering. Once-worthy western kings, of Anvil and Sarchal, of Falkreath and Delodiil, became through pride and habit as like thief-barons and forgot covenant. In the heartland things were no better, as arcanists and false moth-princes lay in drugged stupor or the studies of vileness and no one sat on the Throne in dusted generations. Snakes and the warnings of snakes went unheeded and the land bled with ghosts and deepset holes unto cold harbors. It is said that even the Chim-el Adabal, the amulet of the kings of glory, had been lost and its people saw no reason to find it...'
- The Remanada

The land is sundered, the people dispersed. From East to West and North to South, Cyrodiil is wrought with chaos and dread. Foreign invasion and internal strife plunge the nation into darkness, what once was the beacon of order and civilization has fallen into lawlessness and barbarism. With the fall of central authority and the firm guiding hand those with ambition and strength of will rule the land, carving out their own legacy in this broken realm. Yet between the clashing of steel and furthering of ambitions citizens go about their lives, scrapping out a meager existence within war torn regions or attempting to flee to safer lands.

It is within this land of desperation and long long glory that many stories have been told... And are waiting to be told.

W H A T. .W E. .D O .

The Cyrodilic Census is an OOC Elder Scrolls Online Roleplaying initiative on the European megaserver. As the name alludes to, our aim and focus is to help promote roleplay centered around Cyrodiil, the Empire, the Eight Divines, and everything in between. We attempt to connect the myriad of players interested in different facets of the broad theme and niche of 'Imperial' roleplay and help facilitate events and RP for all interested. From connecting individuals to allow them to develop their own personal stories, to huge events and plot lines spanning over weeks and months which are open to the community as a whole. The Interregnum and the chaos it has caused in Cyrodiil is a interesting setting that is not often explored in RP, we plan to rectify this and delve fully into the dark and gritty realities of life within a warzone along with a myriad of other things.

This is not an attempt to create and develop a splinter community separate from the main English speaking RP community on EU, rather we will be fully interactive with the community as a whole and the various guilds and individuals within it. This initiative's goal is to promote more varied and interesting RP that allows people to experience other regions of Tamriel.

R U L E S .

As the Cyrodilic Census is an OOC initiative there are no IC rules that your character must adhere to, yet when speaking in Guild chat and discord, or when interacting with other members there's a few very basic OOC rules to adhere to.

  • Members are expected to behave in a polite and friendly manner OOC.
  • No godmodding, metagaming, or powergaming.
  • No OOC drama.
  • The Cyrodilic Census primarily follow the Stormhaven RP rules and guidelines with leniency on things such as profanity. You can find the rules HERE!

A D D I T I O N A L. .D E T A I L S .

In addition to the obvious roleplay focus of the Cyrodilic Census, we also intend to extend our focus to the other activities The Elder Scrolls Online has to offer, namely PvE and PvP. Though active participation is by no means a requirement of the guild, we intend to be active participants in these other aspects rather than solely focused on roleplay, whether these be more casual dungeons run in-character, or taking a serious, active, effort to fight in the Alliance War.

We also have a Discord community outside of the game to aid communication and development of ideas, the link to which can be found HERE.

C O N T A C T. .D E T A I L S .

We are a completely open community with no joining restrictions and thus anyone is able to invite people to both the in-game guild and the Discord. However if you wish to know more or get in contact with an officer for more information please contact the following people:


We hope to hear from you soon!
Posted Aug 29, 17 · OP · Last edited Aug 29, 17
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Aldmeri Dominion
Sign this one up!.. if possible.

Figure there must be some room for the former allies, in this case "Khajiiti", of the lost "Empire", no?

(can be contacted in-game as @pressman)
Posted Sep 10, 17 · Last edited Sep 10, 17
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