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Dunmer Briza Tilias Dunkara (PC NA.)

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___Briza of tribe Dunkara._________________
“Traditions may define us, Mamusa, but currently they do not protect us. The only way is to change like the lands around us, adapt and survive.” The conversation leading to her departure continuously circulated in her mind, each step away from the tribe's territory felt heavier on a path that alienated her further from who she was. “I will do what is necessary.” “Exile.” The grand gates of trade house Hlaalu appeared overwhelming.

General information.
Name:Briza Tilias Dunkara.
Ice flower.
Race:Dunmer, ashlander.
Date of birth:
16th of Rain's Hand, 2E 496.
The Mage.
Hometown:Ald'ruhn. (Close by, not where the other tribe is in ESO.)
Current Residence:Kvatch county.
Official occupation:Priestess, landlady.
Pantheon:Velothi traditions, Dibella.

Physical description:
At first glance:
She may be, in the eyes of many peers, a typical dunmer at first glance. Her skin tone is a soft, deep grey of the darker spectrum, and with vibrant purple hued eyes that seem to match the dark shade of skin well, reflecting a somewhat mild and friendly appearance, if not exotic. White, fine hair is a strong contrast to her complexion. For most her years it’s grown wild and long, but recently cut very short. Which with fine and plenty hair makes it difficult to tame, so she often sticks it behind her tapered ears. She is usually fully covered, dress or pants, her whole figure dressed in often mostly practical but not cheap clothing. Tattoos can be spotted creeping up her neck, and at closer study when she comes within view, she has a ‘good’ scar adorning left cheek and lower eyelid. And always a very somber, ponderous look to her purple eyes.

Briza has a athletic figure, mainly. She would say her greatest features are her full lips and wide hips. Her work as a templar, a soldier, for a long time, have given a muscle mass abundance, but her elven lanky features seems prominent rather than a bulky form. The term ‘farmer muscles’ applies.

In truth, she struggles to blend in. She puts a lot of effort into her clothing, when it isn’t normal labor clothe, and it’s seen often as awkward attempts.

Distinquished features:
Although in certain light often similar to the red eyes of her species, Briza’s bears the eyecolor of purple. She isn’t aged physically, but her expression tells many tales and of many cycles history. Besides it, another distinct feature are her tattoos:These depicts her youthful life as "stereotype" ashlander; azura and mephala worship.

On her back she has portrait of a female warrior in front of two moons. She's in traditional crude insect carapace armor, but halfly encompassed by a colorful fine-patterned red shawl; lower right portion of the shawl transforms into a web, which proceeds into thicker lines encasing this particular image. The warrior one free arm holding long blade positioned to strike. Ash's grey body skin left without ink to make her hair, which in contrast with shades and dark lines, looks pretty similar to her own. Many of the tattoos are encased by a frame of what appears spiderlegs, and there's many contrasts in the images hidden in the puzzle spread over her body, which symbolizes Mephala.

Always seen wearing:
  • A ring of silver tangled around finger like vines.
  • Often a grey satchel with intricate designs, which carries her glasses and a pendant she’s too careful to wear.
  • Often a red shawl.


Alignment: Neutral good. (Maybe.)

On the surface:
Extremely polite and always attempts to show the proper amount of respect to any and all. She is hardworking, and in her mind always working, so she doesn't make any accidental mistakes. And the toll shows as she doesn't get much rest. She has a bad habit of sneaking - a mentality deeply rooted in the subconscious.

Beneath the surface:
Spoiler: Show

Sexuality: Homosexual.
Marital status: Happily married.
Hobbies: Studying the universe and its magical elements.

Married and with a often missed adoptive daughter, somewhere out in the world.
Distant relatives in Vvardenfell. The Farseer from her old tribe have taken residence with the Tilias family.

Briza have recently discovered her tribe's history since her departure from Vvardenfell, and have learned where the majority of survivors have taken refuge. Her bond to these people are as strong as the bond to family of blood, as it often is in smaller tribal cultures. During the same discovery, she had to bury her only remaining family, her brother Beldrose.

Skills and abilities.
Pyromage: Being a dunmeri creature, Briza is keen with magic. Her teachings has been destructive magic and conjuration with the element of fire in focus. Fire isn't just fire. It's a process that provides warmth and light; energy and electromagnetic radiation. Consider her an expert.

Mysticism: A personal passion of Briza, a study that fascinates her. Her knowledge in mysticism is limited and somewhat aligned with her talent in destructive magic. However, she attempts to go as deep possible in her studies, to unravel the truth for better understanding.

Alchemy: Briza have long had a need to ease pain. She have suffered many injuries through battle and chronicle damage from some. Her knowledge is apprentice level, she really only concocts pain-relieving medicine. (Opium, and the likes.) Her main difficulty is nerve damage in left arm.

Spoiler: Ash, more insight in the person.Show

Recommended listening.

Briza’s original, the “Ash accident.”: Baston Build that wall.

Briza, the vigilant: Hans Zimmer, you can save them all.

Ara (Ash), the small demon: Frankenstein’s monster, Henry Jackman.
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This is background story of Briza, and Ash, both the original background and roleplay development. It will be a mix of journal entries and short stories.

Lost Chapters.

Part one.
Spoiler: 19th of Frost Fall 515 2EShow
Spoiler: 21st of Frost Fall 525 2EShow
Spoiler: 2nd of Sun’s Dusk 515 2EShow
Spoiler: 3rd of Sun’s Dusk 515 2EShow
Spoiler: 8th of Sun’s Dusk 515 2EShow
Spoiler: 9th of Sun’s Dusk 515 2EShow

Spoiler: Short story: A cure for ghosts.Show

Spoiler: 15th of Sun’s Dusk 515 2EShow
Spoiler: 16th of Sun’s Dusk 515 2EShow
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Threads related to the character and her work:

Guild: Covent of our Lady.

An invitation to the temple.

A IC project about Friendship.

Passion Dancer's Forge and Sunday lectures
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I have made a small updates to the profile and fixed some coding bugs. Looks a lil' more clean now.
And I thought about adding a little blurb to this page, as Briza is the character that takes up most of my time and thought, and have been for about two years now, i think.

A experimental story.
Briza was the actual beginning of my 'new experience' with roleplay, when i moved from the first medium to the next. She was the character that I decided to stick to, and go deep with into the mysterious world of Elder Scrolls. I hadn’t a damned clue what I was getting into, never considered that Elder Scrolls would be such a large universe, and that means there have been a rather clumsy start - but this story that evolved from a few basic ideas, seemed to fit perfectly.

She remained a experimental character that took a story with her, wherever she went, that have grown bigger time and time again. Through her I learned more about what it means to write in a way that works better in cooperation with other writers/roleplayers, but it has not been without headaches, lip gnawing and some mistakes. Her foundation was simple, as indicated in the “lost chapters.” She originated from a small tribe that she for one or another reason left, and it seemed that i have a flair for the dramatic, as i pulled various people through tense scenes. I tried to make these episodes be more about the participant than Briza - which made Briza’s story take many unexpected turns. I have myself edited a little by making her take charge, based on what devices she had available, for example the great conflict involving a part of herself that took form as “Ara” (Dunmeri for Ash.) because I wanted/needed her to change to function in a community. Unsure if that was a good idea now, but then again, the story was experimental and educational to me.

Now, due to some laziness, there are large holes in the information you can retrieve from this page. It is more of an appetizer, especially “The lost chapters.” short stories and journal entries from Briza’s past in her simple life among the tribe.

Only recently did i have the feeling that ‘the race is over’. Briza had arrived at a good point in her life. She was at peace with her past life and what she had achieved, and I personally could make sense of it all, no more holes in her soul she needed to patch. Every story fell into their rightful place and pieces fit together. It’s a extremely long story from start to end.

She is happy where she is and seeks only to care for her family, she have made her sacrifices for Nirn, and have more or less retired.

About me.

Contact information:
Discord Ddera#1972
In game: @Ddera

European: english is not my mother tongue, and i didn’t learn it in school either. I was busy being a little bastard, heh. It means i make small mistakes or maybe write in a repetitive or monotone way. It also means i am very aware of my own writing, and attempt to be more fluent and colorful. It makes me a slow typer, at times. I strive to improve still. Both my writing style, typing speed and vocabulary. I appreciate corrections and challenges.

Goals: I value any chance i get to play my characters in a setting that help express them and who they are. I am happy to hook up anywhere in the fictional world. I want the same as most from my roleplay - a mix of the eventful and domestic. A bit of communication goes a long way.

Project leader: i have a guild that i am attempting to make flourish with a dear friend. This is what i consider my “primary group” and it takes priority. There’s currently still a lot of work and time put in it, so i may be busy.
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