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Adventure Inc - Open Enrollment

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Hi there. I run a small guild of very close friends who drive character intensive roleplay, with developing plots.

We roleplay every Sunday at 6:00pm EST, and we often roleplay randomly throughout the week.

A cast of unique, entertaining, and mysterious characters await you in roleplay. You will make friends in our guild, and we would love to have you.

We are opening enrolment temporarily to gather a few more friends before closing it again as we enjoy the strong quality of a smaller guild. We may grow huge someday, but we've been enjoying the benefits of a smaller tight knit guild for some time and don't want our growth to be without meaning.

If you are looking for friends, and to write and participate in epic stories, we would love to meet you.
Please get in touch with me, in game I am @Mytheos7, or you can a hold of me here by PM or reply
Posted Sep 9, 17 · OP
Is this in covenant or one of the other two?
Posted Nov 17, 17