Feroxus wasn't a man who was about the carnal pleasures and bobbles. Sure he had wealth, for he did much hard work, as a hunter, a guide, and he even ran his own business. Feroxus was not a man who enjoyed hurting people if he didn't have to, for inflicting pain on one person for no reason would be a weak man's game, he holds himself to a set of personal tenants. Feroxus knew that from a young age that he found that he would help people where he could, even at the cost of his own time, or money.

The room was cozy for sure, Staala's bed was big enough for both of them, the room was made for sure in the Imperial style. It was lovely. Better than an inn room for sure. He was lucky, he was was very fortunate that her disposition toward him ended up like this. He enjoyed who she was too, under all that rough exterior and armor she indeed a normal person. Feroxus found it very adorable the way she acted toward him when she came onto him, acting as if she were the one picking him up from the bar. It was even better when she emitted that she found him charming.

Hence why he joined the rag-tag coalition of random individuals. People from across Tamriel banded together to fight a cult menace. Feroxus had met Staala there, and though at first, it was very rocky they ended up close friends and then well even more afterward. He would make more friends down the line as well. Though it seems Staala had been one that he hadn't expected to befriend due to them being opposites to one another. But here they were in bed with one another.

Feroxus felt as if he had betrayed his tenants to an extent as he laid next to Staala, although they had both consented, understanding her thought processes, for he used to think in such a manner. Feroxus had free reign; an open relation wasn't something he had ever planned on having when he met Nili. Feroxus didn't expect to live very long due to the fact of his line of work, and what he was. It is only a matter of time... He was within her grasp, the Cyro-Nord was much taller than him. She was muscular as well, though she was not a rippling mass she was strong but still feminine. Feroxus gently caressed her cheek as he gently murmured. "Forgive me." when he pressed his lips against her cheek she made a soft 'hmm' and smiled before shifting a bit more and pulling him closer.

It was an odd thing, to be in such an intricate thing. But Feroxus wasn't betraying either of them or coaxing them into anything that would have them interact sexually or even interact at all. Was he mistreating them? Abusing them? Was he just overall below scum? He sat there looking upon Staala confusion and pain laced his eyes as he shifted in her grasp to keep his back toward her for now, not that it bothered him to look upon her, quite the opposite he was more than fond of her. She knew what she wanted, and she wanted him.

Feroxus couldn't let himself feel any more guilty than he did. But as she pulled him closer, she murmured in a sleepy voice. "No, Ferox, come back.....mother.... didn't know." she was dreaming and it was sweet. Laying there nude with the tall blonde haired, silver-eyed woman only made him smile. Even though the thoughts that clouded his mind were still there, he knew that not everyone was a perfect being. But it didn't make him any less of a person.

Laying there in that bed, in Staala's house, in Kvatch Feroxus felt very comfortable. Resting next to this gorgeous woman that had made him smile, feel loved and wanted was one of the best things he had felt. Feroxus's eyes closed softly, and even the beast within him that seemed always to be lurking and waiting to lash out seemed content.