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[EU] Nightfall Dominion

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Telekinesis is possible for everyone who puts in enough effort to learn it.
Posted Nov 16, 18
Well, i kinda expected that people couldn't apply for the ruling House like that, so RPing as a member of another House would be just as fine, i'd imagine. ( I'd also like to ask if there was a post where i could browse through the different bloodlines? ) . Lastly, i believe that the Dominion supports telekinesis as being acceptable ICly. I would like to ask if that is possible for all vampires or just members of House Maleketh, since i'd be interested in getting my hands on that ability ( assuming there is a way to defend against it, ofc ) , since i can't go back to SWtor due to the community there, but telekinesis is bae xD

Yes telekinesis possible in ESO - it's an ability that is learnt alike all magic.
Otherwise, yes there's a document I can send you showing all the different vampire bloodlines in the Elder Scrolls, there's also such a document as well as 'Newcomers Guide to ESO and RP' that I put together for ND that covers all supernatural curseforms.
Feel free to apply and most will be explained during your first days with us, as we like to dedicate those to getting new members as informed as possible out of character.
Posted Nov 17, 18
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