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The Wayrest Underground is an open community for outlaw roleplayers in and around Stormhaven, running for over two years now! We are not a -guild- in character, but an open in character outlaw organization that consists of all kinds of dwellers of the refuge; Beggars, thieves, burglars, assassins, smugglers and the list goes on. We're more tight knit group than StormRP, but still less restrictive than an actual in character guild. The members are free to go and come as they like, but we do expect a regular in character interaction with our group. Our purpose is to connect characters and roleplayers with similar interests, make out of character communication between different groups easier and help organizing events and all other underground activities.


While a certain chain of command has formed over time within the refuge in character, the guild has no solid ranking system. We are not a military organization, thus won't function as one. There are a few leader figures in the refuge who are known to be the ones handing out jobs and having connections, aside that it is up to each persona individually to find their place in the refuge and earn their position in the eyes of other outlaws.

The ranks that you can find in the guild, exist mostly for out of character purposes to display each person's current standing in the outlaw community. The named ranks represent OOC officer/IC Officer ranks (F.e. Matron). The rest are member ranks and represent their standing in the underground.

The officers are the out of character leaders of the guild. They exist to help and support the members of the guild, as well as ensure the community functions accurately and develops to the hoped direction. It is up to the officers to ensure the guild atmosphere is kept welcoming and polite. In times of trouble, officers can be contacted to help you out and offer their advice. While we encourage our members to try and sort possible disagreements by themselves, officers can be asked to step in to a situation that seems to require a third party.

Each officer of the guild also works as an in character employer in the refuge. They can be contacted when you're searching for a job, want to find someone to do a job for you or are interested in making connections.

Matron - Guild Leader. (@Nymoria)
Hunter - Officer. (@Zynthetiks)
Revered - Long standing, trusted members of the refuge who have proven to be capable of handling different tasks, shown initiative as well as displayed leadership skills.
Established - Members who have settled in the refuge, regularly participating in outlaw activities and have a connection to the rest of the members.
Associate - New members that have participated in some outlaw business.
Contact - People with connection to the underground, but rarely seen within refuge itself. Often providing the outlaws with paid tasks, or mutual trades. Crooked nobles/officials being an example.
Neutral - New members who are yet to participate in the underground activities. Alternatively long standing members, who for reason or another have lost their former position within the outlaws.



Out of Charater Rules
- Use common sense.
- To be part of the guild, you need to show regular activity in character. We do not ask you to be in the refuge every day, but coming by more than once in two weeks is recommended. For members that want to roleplay with us but have no reason to be in the refuge frequently; You’re still most welcome to roleplay with us, even if you’re not a member of the guild.

In Character Rules
We are called outlaws for a reason. We are not the best at following rules or laws, which is why we do not have a solid do-do not list to follow. Yet while a lot of things that are frowned upon on the surface go without notice in the refuge, there are certain unwritten things that might not be met with the warmest welcomes in the underground. Despite being outlaws, we do want to hold a level of peace within the refuge to keep it ideal for business. Therefore such actions as unnecessarily attacking other dwellers of refuge, stealing from them, and threatening them will not be tolerated. Action will be met with reaction. Yet simply by using common sense, one should go a long way.

The lack of solid in character rules also boils down to the fact that we're not a guild in character, but an open organization to all outlaw roleplayers involving other criminal guilds as well. We do not want to force a list of rules on people or other guilds who come to the refuge and attempt to act as "hand of authority", but instead deal with each situation individually and as is seen accurate.

Criminal Roleplay Guide

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Wayrest Underground community has grown a lot as of late. While social roleplay can be found daily in the refuge, we also offer public as well as personal events. Here is a few examples of events to come;

Public Events
A black market is an event open for public, in which goods or services are traded illegally. These events happen on occasion, whenever the underground and its dwellers have obtained a number of rarer items to sell in the auction, such as artifacts, and other interesting possessions. While the great auction is being held by the refuge, other people are allowed to put up a stall and sell their own goods as well.

A contract can involve another player, but not always. Sometimes the contact a member must get in touch with is an NPC. This is when either one of the officers or a member will host an event for the person. Personal wishes and suggestions are always welcome!

Expeditions are larger, often more than one evening lasting events held for groups. Sometimes these events can be held in order to obtain information, hunt down an enemy, or simply obtain artifacts and other precious items.

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Find more about underground roleplay from <here>.


Q: How do I join the guild?
A: You can fill an application form here! And send it to @Nymoria or @Zynthetiks either here or in game. In character you can simply come to the refuge and start roleplaying! If you want a job, contact any of the people down there and they will guide you to the right people.

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Q: Do you have any requirements?
A: While we have no specific in character requirements, on an out of character level we expect mature and polite behavior as well as interest for the criminal scene. A general grasp of lore is also hoped for.

Q: Does the refuge accept supernaturals?
As displayed in game, the refuges welcome vampires and werewolves as they welcome any other person. However keep in mind, that despite us tolerating these creatures, it does not mean everyone will like or trust them. Turning into a werewolf or feeding on people however will have consequences.

Q:Is there anything specific I should be aware of?
We use the forum rather frequently. Take a look at <this>, and sign up to <this>!


As one might notice, the Wayrest Underground has changed its concept from what it used to be with its former leaders, for we believe it will serve the community as whole better this way. Feedback and questions can be posted below, we'll try to answer to our best ability.

Thank you for your interest and reading the post! :)

May the shadows guide you.