Elder Scrolls RP EU
The simple simplest thing.
We are a new OOC hub guild bound to no faction, city or organization. This is merely a place to meet other like-minded individuals interested in the same thing as you: Roleplay. For too long as there not been any proper centralized place for this for us Europeans, and people like myself wandered around, even on these very forums confused and not sure what is what, but maybe it is about time that changes.

What we are trying to achieve here, is to create a hub that can connect all the roleplay in ESO, while not taking away from the other RP guilds. This is where you can just find a solo person or a small group willing to party up together, or even recruit or look for another RP guild. This guild is there for the community, and will try its best to make the European roleplay arena a more friendly and civil place.

Interested? Here are a few people you can contact, or just post right under here.
LordSylvestrion/Duathaorn - Guild Leader Hit me up when I'm online or send me a mail and I'll get back to you~!
Brynda/Alundyne - Administrator Whisper or pm me, I don't mind either.

Also, we have a Discord, you should join it! https://discord.gg/uurBvrw