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New Roman Empire (PS4) EU.

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Firstly the basics,
Movement name: New Roman Empire
OS: PS4, EU.
Role play involves both Text and Spoken RP’ing but neither are mandatory you must be able to do one of them though

Below are the new guidelines to be set out by the Empror. For the New Roman Empire. First of all the rules:

1. Equality. The gods will show no mercy to those who do not respect our fellow members with respect regardless of rank, level, gender, or race.
While the objective within the MEGA (Make ESO Great Again)
Is to make the role playing aspect as realistic as possible
Bullying or trolling has no place here. Ban hammer will follow.
If someone is caught pulling rank or abusing the power
Bestowed upon them by the great empire harsh penalties
Will follow.

Ranking and leadership.

While this is not tested and may be tweaked on advice from members or if causes a problem where RP is impossible here are the main areas as to which the ranks will be focused:

- Empror/empress, while this is considered the most prestigious of titles there will be downsides such as required activity and a lot of it!

The Empror/empress has the power in most cases to choose the senate until and I must stress my earlier statement “not tested yet” there is a large enough amount of members to issue a vote on senate roles.

The Empror/empress will have under their wing the following

1x Royal assistant
10x Senate members
5x Auxiliary Legionaries
1x Swords master
2x Palace Keepers

Elections to throne a new Empror/empress take place once per month on the 3rd.

The next rank and undoubtly the most important are the senate.


These 10 men and or women will be responsible for many of the
Empires upkeep’s such as:
Organising weekly events
Organising the monthly election
Organising ranks of anyone not mentioned above.

The next rank is Royal assistant. This person will be appointed by the Emp to be their right hand and manage things such as speeches etc. And may also recruit Auxiliary ranks.

The rank after mentioned above is: Auxiliary Legionaries

These are the Might of the Empire. Often managing the Army and PVP. Anyone below these members and are serving the Empire in the army are known only as Legionaries.

Onto the next rank which is: Palace Keepers

The role of the palace keeper is to ensure the upkeep of the palace and that the treasury is well stocked to keep the army and civilians happy!

Last ranks worth noting is the Swords master.

the Empror or empress can NEVER accept a duel to the death as decreed in a law drafted by the senate it falls down to the Swords master to fight on the Empror or empresses behalf. These are often the men that lewd in the darkest depths of Tamriel and and can be found at an inn with only the must gut renching stories to tell. It’s worth noting before you dare challenge these hardened vets to a duel.

The rest of population of the New Roman Empire fall into one of these catagories;

Civilians of the Empire often the best role players will reside here with great stories and good times to be had

Legionaries of the Empire, the backbone of the army and conscription comes as a mandatory to all able bodied men and women at the age of 16!

Priests/priestesses, responsible for maintaining religious freedom and dominance in the Empire! Also teaching the young! Worth a note that the main religion used is Greek Christianity.

All ranks may have families with other players and should the Empror or Empress have a spouse they will be Prince/Princess unless children apply to the family then those titles are given to the child rp’ers and queen or king given to the spouse :3

Thank you for your patience in reading this! I hope this can really take off as I picture it being able to go far with new ranks and rules being pulled in by the community any suggestions/applications please let me know!
Posted Nov 28, 17 · OP
Any chance I can get an Invite? Psn is the same as my username
Posted Jul 4, 18