Got a bunch of clockwork furnishing recipes from the latest dungeon event, and so I wouldn't mind selling them off to some RPers who might appreciate them more than other randoms. I'm willing to negotiate and haggle on the prices, and they don't have to necessarily be the biggest max market prices. Just something that doesn't leave me dry either. Know overall they can be fairly pricey, but I figure some of you might have the gold and want to snag some of them up.

Right now I have:
  • Bowl, Nutriment Paste (X2)
  • Drafting Table, Raised
  • Keg, Sturdy
  • Mug, Reinforced
  • Nightstand, Octagonal
  • Table, Octagonal
  • Vent, Octagonal Fan
  • Switch, Sturdy.

If you want anything just contact me however you want and we can come up with a price and set up a trade.