These are the rules that you, as a member of ESO-RP, are expected to follow. Repeated infractions will result in a temporary or permanent ban, depending upon the frequency and severity of violations.

Note that we are only able to enforce these rules on our website ( and our Discord server. We can't and won't take action based on incidents that occur in-game, on users' Enjin walls, in private messages, or otherwise outside of the website or Discord.

Community Rules

  1. Be polite and respectful towards other members of the community at all times. Disagreement is perfectly fine, but insults and personal attacks—in any form—are not.
    • Do not bash, defame, slander, or otherwise "name and shame" any member or group in the community, regardless of whether you believe they deserve it. For more information, see this more detailed post on the subject.

  2. Do not spam, double-post, or create duplicate threads.
    • "Spamming" shall include posting many identical or low-effort advertisements in others' threads.
    • For these purposes, "double-posting" will be defined as posting multiple times in a row, within a single thread, and with little time in between, such that the thread remains at the top of the list.
    • While posting two or more times in a row in a constructive manner will not result in disciplinary action, we may still consolidate these posts just to keep things tidy.
    • Double-posting is forgiven in the case of event or guild threads, as well as RP classifieds, where bumping in moderation is permitted.

  3. Keep all posts on topic. While we understand that sometimes conversation may stray slightly from the original, intended topic, it becomes an issue when a thread about vampire bloodlines turns into a thread about the existence of Dwemer power tools.

  4. Keep all posts primarily in English. This ensures that the moderation team can reliably do our job!

  5. Avoid discussions about real-life politics or religion. While we understand that these topics can be discussed civilly just like any other, we don't believe this to be the place.

  6. When in doubt, respect the wishes and requests of the OP.

  7. Do not post asking for:
    – a thread to be locked.
    – a thread or post to be moderated.
    – a thread to be brought back on topic.
    • More often than not, these posts only contribute to rising tension or bring the thread further off topic. If you feel that any of the above actions should be enforced, please utilize the report button at the bottom-right of any post, and refrain from saying so in the thread itself.

  8. Unless you are the creator, always properly credit / source the artwork you use.
    • This means any of the following (in order from most to least desired):
      • The artist's profile on any website
      • The artist's name
      • The exact page where the art was found (search results pages don't count)
    • If we receive a complaint from an artist about the way their work is used, we may remove it even if you follow this rule.
    • This rule does not apply to:
      – Artwork that exists in the public domain
      – Any official art for video games, movies, etc.
      – Video game screenshots
      – Photographs

  9. Always properly tag and/or spoiler content that may not be safe for work (NSFW). This goes for writing, images, embedded videos, and links to other threads or external sites.
    • While explicit content is permitted so long as it's tagged, please take caution and be courteous when posting any media that may be considered excessively grotesque or disturbing. (Chances are, if you have to ask yourself whether that picture you're about to post is crossing a line, it probably is.)

  10. Do not use alternate accounts to evade a ban or manipulate discussion.

If you see anyone breaking these rules, please use the report () button at the bottom of the post to notify the staff and give a brief explanation of why you believe the post or thread is in violation. Please refrain from messaging staff members individually about rule violations; this makes it much more difficult for us to remain on the same page.

Moderation Policy

So now that you know what the rules are, what happens if you break them, or when you report a violation? Well, while consequences may vary based on the severity of the action in question, here are some general processes and courtesies you can expect moderators to follow and uphold as they do what they do.

– When your post is removed or edited due to a rule violation:
  • Expect a PM from a moderator explaining the action taken, and why.
  • If it's your first offense, or if the infraction was particularly minor, expect to be given a warning.
  • If it's not your first offense, or if the violation was very clearly done with malicious intent, you may find yourself with a temporary or permanent ban. The moderator will tell you if this is the case.

– When your post is removed or edited for a reason other than a rule violation:
  • This may happen in cases where we decide to consolidate multiple constructive posts into one, correct bad links, or move a thread into the proper subforum.
  • Expect a PM from a moderator explaining the action taken, and assuring you that it is not disciplinary action.

– When you report a post or thread using the report () button:
  • The report button sends a private message to all site staff at once, with a link to the post in question and any explanation you choose to include.
  • Please explain which rule in particular you believe a post is breaking.
  • Keep initial descriptions brief, as Enjin cuts them short at a couple hundred characters. You can always reply to the resulting PM with further information if necessary.
  • Expect a reply from a moderator in any of the following situations:
    • We need more information from you
    • We have made the decision not to take action; we'll let you know why
    • We have taken action (but note that we won't disclose the details of any punishments)

Expect moderators to be respectful and courteous so long as you do the same for them. Remember that the staff here are all volunteers who donate their time to the community because we want to see it remain healthy for as long as possible, and treat your moderators as you would have them treat you.

We can't cover all bases with these rules, and sometimes we may have to make exceptions or pass judgements for situations we simply haven't accounted for. In such an event, you can still expect an explanation of the reasoning behind our actions.

As always, feedback on any aspect of the site and its moderation is welcomed and encouraged! For open discussions, the Site Suggestions & Feedback forum is always available. If, for any reason, you are uncomfortable giving your thoughts publicly, you can send me a message in private to give your concerns.

Updated May 13th, 2018
- - - - - - -
 - 05/13/18 - - -
    • added an explicit rule to discourage spamming guild ads in other threads
    • clarified the language used in the rest of rule #2
 - 01/26/18 - - -
    • edited the example in rule #3 to be even more outrageous
 - 12/24/17 - - -
    • additional clarity on what "proper credit" means in rule #8