The United Vanguard is now open for recruitment of new members!

We are a heavily focused roleplaying guild with a sturdy handful of members that love to RP and we are looking for more people to join our community.

Our guild has no theme, it is based around a group of adventurers with their own tales that meet up become friends and the rest is for you to play out!

Roleplaying is a big part of our guild - You take on the role of your in-game character and mingle with others, if you'd like to sit out of RP and watch as you might be too shy or anxious that's okay!

We also have a in-depth ranking system we call the 'Warden System' which takes on the theme of Game Of Thrones' house system which will effect your standing and represent your power in the guild, more information on that will be provided upon joining.

PvE/PvP events are also included and can be played in and out of character.

If you want to join or know more message me on PSN at JaxNightmare Or on KIK if you'd like to join our guild group chat at McCaslin. (include the full stop)