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Nord Ulrend Iron-Shaper first time Rp

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Ok so I've never roleplaed before, this will be my first character could use some trained eyes to help me round out the basics. I think I have a decent start I will update the appearance once I've created him on eso. It's probably a little cliche and a basic back story I'm open for criticism don't worry cause "Ulrend has big shoulders"

Name: Ulrend Iron-Shaper
Age 28
Race Nord
Gender: male

Back story: grew up in tavern, helping parents serving travelling adventurers and soldiers alike. Driven to contribute to the war effort became a blacksmiths apprentice. Shortly after becoming a master blacksmith started feeling un fulfilled and a lack of purpose. leaving his apprentice in charge of the forge to pursue long time dream of becoming an adventurer. Eager to begin and jumping in feet first he joined up with a crew he had met working the forge, they were tasked with clearing a cave of (need enemy) however in over their heads they quickly became overwhelmed and (name) was the only survivor but barely escaping With his life.

He awakens back at the forge after a long recovery and that's where we start
Posted Jan 10, 18 · OP
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I like your starting point. You don't need a huge back story. You'll weave a story as you roleplay :)
My tip, and something I always seek in characters' bios, are places where they can be encountered so others can come up with ideas how their characters can meet :)

Posted Jan 22, 18