Free Life

All provided information below is purely Out-of-Character.
No such information is available in-character by notice-boards or alike.

Who Are We?

The Ravivar (Ta'agra for 'Free Life') is a small clan of primarily Khajiit role-players. We are located in Alik'r Desert, having a clan-house near Tigonus, doing almost everything for money, Tamriel-wide.

The focus lays on event-based, but also open role-play. Such however does neither require every-day involvement nor provide every-day events or casual role-play. We strive to role-play as realistically and lore-friendly as possible.

Doing almost everything for money means we may be involved in legal but also shady business alike. For such we have need for people of all professions.

The variety of tasks could range from being messenger to acquiring materials or items, being mercenary, up to getting rid of the man who looked the wrong way at you.
Such tasks can even lead one or multiple members on long journeys to far away lands, if the payment is right!

Any tasks and contracts will be executed on in-character way. Even if it is just obtaining simple items for some other player character.

We encourage and support every member to start their own events and story-lines the clan can participate in!

(External Guide to Criminal Role-Play)

This guild is part of Tamriel Hardcore Role-Play.

What are the Rules?

  • Serious actions against other players must be agreed on in advance to avoid drama (third-party arbiter in PvP recommended)
  • Events and fights will be preferential based on emotes, respecting lore and laws of physics
  • Learn from and give constructive criticism to improve everyones quality of role-play
  • Stay in-character as much as it is reasonable
  • Common sense and role-play etiquette (Guidelines)
  • Know your lore (uesp.net , Khajiit Lore Index)

  • The clan chief's word is final
  • You will put the clan before anything else at all times
  • You will not expose the clan, its business and members, and you will make sure no-one else does
  • You will support your fellow clan members by any means
  • You will mind khajiiti culture and religion
  • You will aid the clan's interests, pursuit of money and influence

How to get Involved?

Preferential Khajiit are welcome, but other races also may have a chance. Except Dunmer.

Due the clan being possibly involved in unlawful business, and being a clan, recruitment will be done purely in-character with provided hooks or events. But do not forget: Earning trust in such business takes time!

Show how your character and also you can master the given situations to prove being a worthy new member to the clan. But do not worry if you are less experienced role-player. We will, of course, help! However, accept the outcome of being declined because of in-character actions. You may try it again!