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Heart's Day Festival [AD but not just for AD]

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Aldmeri Dominion
Flyers, posted on the notice boards in major cities of the Aldmeri Dominion, Wayrest and Mourhold, read as follows:

~ ~ ~ ~ Heart's Day Festival ~ ~ ~ ~

All are invited to attend and celebrate Mara's greatest gift, love, at the Altmer Embassy near Elden Root on 17th Sun's Dawn!

Come and hear the words of a priestess of Mara, reinforce your bond with your loved one, and spend the evening dancing!

If your heart is still free and looking for someone to share this intimate occasion with take part in the Lottery of Lonely Hearts, held during the evening of the festival, where everyone will find a pair. Sign up by sending a letter, including your gender preference, to the Altmer Embassy in advance.

Organized and funded by the Summerset Cultural Expansion Council.


The 16th of Sun's Dawn, a holiday celebrated all over Tamriel as Heart's Day. It seems that in every house, the Legend of the Lovers is being sung for the younger generation. In honor of these Lovers, Polydor and Eloisa, the inns of the city offer a free room for visitors. If such kindness had been given the Lovers, it is said, it would always be springtime in the world. - wiki

What: a festival celebrating love, related to Heart's Day lore holiday
When: 17th Saturday February 18:00 GMT
Where: Altmer Embassy near Elden Root, Grahtwood

Program schedule:
opening speech
Bracelet of Love giving and re-confession
Lottery of Lonely Hearts for those signed up
dance&music, mingling

Lottery of Lonely Hearts:
Those signed up will be paired together so they will have someone to spend the festival with. To sign up send a pm to me including the name of your character and gender preference. It will be considered that you sent an IC letter about it to the organizers.

Music played by NPC during the event:
Renaissance Lute

Contact me (@catowl in game) if you have question, suggestion, etc.

With a bit of delay, I posted a summary of the event in the ADRP recruitment thread. I hope those attending had fun.
Posted Feb 7, 18 · OP · Last edited Feb 25, 18
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Aldmeri Dominion
Updated with IC advertisment.
Posted Feb 9, 18 · OP