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looking for RP guild | New Player | Do have experience with RP | EU server

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I am looking to join a RP guild which will have me, however I am still new to ESO as a game only having played it this weak but I am already starting to get used to its commands and UI. I also have a few addons installed but nothing to much as I also do not know which I should install yet.

I am specialy looking for a RP guild as that is what I usualy do on difrent game's so I have experience with RP as a consept and have done it for a long time now as well, I am only do not yet know or fully understand how to do so in ESO yet however I am looking to learn how to do it and willing to learn it as well.

I already have made a character as seen in the link.

if want to get into contact with me please add me on ESO or discord
ESO UserID: @Lejia
Discord tag: Mimili#9497

Hope some one is willing to help and thanks for reading!
Posted Feb 22, 18 · OP
Aldmeri Dominion
Hey there and welcome to ESO-RP,
I have read through your profile and believe that you might like to have a look at the Clans of Skyrim. If you look for anything less specific, have a go and check out the faction hub guilds of the EU server. Cheers and hope to get the chance to meet you in game.
Posted Feb 22, 18
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Hey just read your reply.
Thank you for the links and I will be going true the list of them as I have time. If you want i'd gladly do some RP might just be fun ^^ just hit me up whenever on discord or ESO and we can talk.
Posted Feb 23, 18 · OP