Maximilius Larum
Imperial Male
26 | 5’10” | 195 lbs
Lawful Good | Straight


Experiencing the desolation and depravity of loss firsthand, Maximilius is one whom willing sacrifices himself to make certain that the needs of others are stiffled and they need not suffer the pains of loss that he has felt. Thus he is often known to relinquish that of which he owns, be it nourishments, treasures and time, to those whom require of it with little thought of recompense.
Maximilius is not one to concede or yield to any task, obstacle or force. It is humorous (if not burdensome) to witness him undertake a task of which he has no particular talent for, yet his indomitable spirit is often viewed favorably as coupled with his optimistic "can do" spirit is rather infectious.
Although it is often percieved to be senseless naivety, Maximilius's optimism is one of his defining qualities. He never yields that a positive outcome shall result, no matter the odds of it occuring. In a realm caught within the lingering miasma of war and death, being optimistic is an overlooked quality; yet for the downtrodden it is a much required one.


To bear witness to the suffering of mortals and the lingering death that oftens follows has always been the curse of Maximilius Larum, a colovian from the quaint hamlet of Ferhalga. As a youth, he watched as his family, beginning with his youngest brother -whom was but a babe at the time- took ill and succumb to Rot-Breath Fever. Only his young sister Raewyn and he survived the outbreak.
After the passing of thier relatives, Maximilius took responsibility for his sister and their homestead. The hardy folk of Ferhalga do not suffer from the lament of the afflicted, thus in the years that followed he and Raewyn etched out a living within Ferhalga by doing what they could in order to survive. He took to serving the local blacksmith and Raewyn gathered whatever she could collect from the surrounding forests: kindling, dried logs for fire wood, flowers in bloom, etc.; and selling to whoever was willing to buy.
The siblings lived like this for several years.

In the eve of Maximilius's thirteenth winter, Imperial Conscriptors came upon Ferhalga seeking recruits. Being of age and displaying physical strength -which he had earned over the years by working the forge- Maximilius was conscripted to serve. Yet, young Maximilius, being ignorant of Imperial reasoning, refused the conscription and for that he was beaten, shackled and tossed into the bed of a wagon with other unfortunate recruits. As the wagon began to move Maximilius took a look from bloodied eyes and witnessed as Raewyn's fiery red hair faded from view with the rest of Ferhalga and the life of which he had known.

Maximilius's first years within the Imperial City was difficult.