Morndas, 21st day of Second Seed, 2E 583
Entry 11

We took a little boat from Vvardenfell to the mainland last night. Another boring trip wasted waiting on nothing. I'd wish my handler would share more with me. But he's reluctant to share too much when it doesn't concern me. I understand, I suppose. Perhaps it's some of that hidden segregation. Why send a dumb Nord to conduct a Writ when you have all of these glorious Dunmer? Hm. I won't think too much of it. No sense in getting upset... While on the boat, I overheard two Mer talking of the Isle of Summerset. Supposedly Queen Ayrenn of the Aldemeri Dominion has opened the island to visitors of all races; No longer is the mysterious land restricted to High Elves. I'll look into this more and I assume we'll hear more of it when we reach Mournhold tomorrow. I was thinking of spending some time in Stros M'Kai for a little bit of rest and relaxation next time I am granted freedom, but now that Summerset Isle is open, I think those plans might change... we'll see. Nothing else to write.