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[Emergent RP Plot] The Gems of Ninendava

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The Gems of Ninendava

TL;DR: An emergent RP plot, focussed on individuals stumbling upon a long lost set of powerful gems possessing the power to persuade and influence others...at a great (yet unknown) cost. Although this will primarily be a EU Server endeavor lead by me, I am willing to to 'license' the concept to NA server people if they are interested in starting it up there. See contact details below for how to contact me!

You decide to visit the local market place and while passing the stalls filled with bread, fruit and other produce, you also stumble upon the stall of a local pawnbroker. His wares are exquisitely stacked but your eye falls upon a shiny sapphire, lodged in a worn and old piece of jewellery.

“Ah, good day. Your eye fell upon the sapphire? Perhaps you have a love, a friend you wish to gift it to?”

Several minutes later you walk home, studying the gem. Curses. You don’t like jewellery and you don’t even have a lover, but still you bought it. Those Pawnbrokers and their silver tongues. Urgh!

As you arrive home you sit down to inspect the gem on the ring, holding it close to a pair of candles. You make out a nearly illegible description on the ring in a tongue you can’t understand. Perhaps you’ll need to take it to the local scribe to see if she can decipher it? Oh well…at least it’s a nice ring to put on your ring-finger and as such, you do.

You proceed to make dinner for yourself but end up cutting at the top of your ring-finger while preparing some carrots. Owh! You look down and notice that a tiny bit of drop ended up on the sapphire. You bandage your finger..but wait..what is this?

As you look at the ring again, it has suddenly turned from a sapphire to a blood red ruby. What?! ...What magic is this? You feel rather scared now..what did you get yourself into? You sigh and look in a mirror after washing your face. You look powerful and strong, confident. And the ruby does have a nice look to it on your finger. Perhaps it’s time to make your mark on the world and leave this pitiful existence behind.

Spoiler: 1. What is the goal of this endeavour?Show
Spoiler: 2. How does this exactly work then then?Show
Spoiler: 3. What exactly is Ninendava and how is it connected to the recent appearance of these gems?Show
Spoiler: 4. How are the gems activated?Show
Spoiler: 4. What are the effects of the gems on others?Show
Spoiler: 5. What are the ‘rules’ when using one of the gems on other characters?Show
Spoiler: 6. What are the effects of binding a gem to the bearer of it?Show
Spoiler: 7. Can the bearer remove the jewellery with the gem from him/herself?Show
Spoiler: 8. Can the bearer remove the bond from the gem?Show
Spoiler: 9. Can I remove the gem from the jewellery?Show
Spoiler: 10. Can I destroy the gems?Show
Spoiler: 11. Do I know who else has a gem?Show
Spoiler: 12. How do these shared dreams work?Show
Spoiler: 13. Where can I find a gem?Show
Spoiler: 14. Isn’t this lore-breaking?Show
Spoiler: 15. This smells fishy. Is this a curse? Are there Daedra involved?Show
Spoiler: 16. Who will write this plot?Show
Spoiler: 17. Okay, I want to take part! How?Show

Once every month I will reply to this topic to give you a general update on the situation and to inform all participants what sort of ‘feeling’ the gem would give them. Rumours regarding the gems are of course free to be posted in any rumour mill section.
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Nice! Always like to see public plotlines taking place in Tamriel!
Art#1228 - Ra Akam at-Arridi (main)

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Since this is an EU event series, I've moved it to the PC-EU Events subforum.
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Phase 2 - The Bloody Cycle

Several months pass by after you have bound yourself to the gem. You feel successful and accomplished, the gem has brought you many good deals and fate seems to be with you. Even though you feel attached to the gem and wearing it in a circlet, ring or ear-pearl has become a daily routine, it is as if it's not even there anymore.

The last few weeks were rough however. You've received visions of a destroyed castle, overgrown by nature through the eons. It is Imperial in design but the walls have stones that come from many different cultures. You look around and attempt to make sense of it. You see multiple figures, a ginger Dunmer woman clad in Mages Guild colors, a Breton dark haired man dressed in nobleman's clothing and others, but you can't see anything else but their silhouettes. You close your eyes.

Suddenly you find yourself in a throne room of sorts but barely anything in it seems intact. The windows are shattered and trees grow through the walls and ground. In the middle of the room, on an elevation, stands a simple chair with what appears to be a crown and a parchment. You walk up to it and feel drawn to the crown. You want to touch it, you want to wear it, you want to be a 'monarch'. Discarding the parchment entirely, you place your hands on the crown and attempt to lift it up.

Blood splutters from your mouth. As you look down you can see the tip of a sword poking from your chest. Pain engulfs your body, falling to your knees and finally onto your back. Looking up, the culprit looms above you: The same ginger haired Dunmer from before with a now bloodied sword. She kneels down onto you and places the sword against your neck. Her eyes flare up in anger and hatred, thinking you are nothing but a measly disgusting ant ripe for squeezing under her boots.

"Don't you dare defy me. The crown is MINE. ALL of you will listen to ME!"

The Dunmer woman cuts your neck in one fell swoop and you expire looking into her eyes, trying to make sense of it all. A shroud behind her appears with an equally sharp sword heading towards her back: The shroud has horns and a mask that makes it impossible for you to see the identity of this person.

Finally you wake up to the sound of a dog barking outside your dwelling, finding yourself again where you went to sleep. Your body feels pained and your muscles ache as if everything you just experienced was really you. And maybe..it -was- really you?

Though the dreams are not happening every night, they do happen two to three nights a week making you feel grouchy and irritated in real life. Every dream is in the same location but knowing that enemies lurk, you start to fight back against adversaries that also try to take the crown. Although you might manage to 'kill' several adversaries, the Dunmer woman is always one step ahead and kills you -every bloody time- if you managed to slay all other adversaries, no matter how hard you try. However, you also find yourself killable by any of the other adversaries present as sometimes happens if you happen to be clumsy that night.

You wonder how you can stop this but so far you've found nothing. It seems you'll have to endure this...for the rest of your life?

Phase 2 Effects:
- In real-life, you feel irritated with a short-fuse. Why do you have to explain yourself to everyone two times?
- You feel extremely tired after such an active night, making you feel like a complete wreck. Your peers will probably notice this too.
- During days where you haven't had such a dream, you appear much more alert. It seems the dreams have awakened a survival instinct deep within you. Dangerous situations are dealt with in a much more controlled manner, if you happen to be a soldier or mercenary.
- Because of the awakening of your survival instinct and something more 'raw' within you, the libido within your body grows. The urge to indulge in rougher sexual activities is increased.
- You become MUCH more attached to the gem. It is YOURS and no one is allowed to even touch it.
- You become more prone to letting peers do things for you. You're a leader, they must follow. Why have minions when they can't even carry out a simple order?
- The magic intensity of your gem remains the same, but due to your 'desire' to make others do things for you, the way you command your 'minions' becomes much more direct.
Posted Dec 1, 18 · OP
Phase 3 - The Puppet Game
NOTE: From this point onward this storyline will result in the creation of an RP guild which I’ll be organising. If you don’t wish to take part you are free to say that your character remains stuck at the end of ‘Phase 2’.

Several months pass by once more. Although the vivid nightmares get much bloodier at first, they eventually subside entirely. What remains is a memory of the strange Dunmer woman and her bloodlust. As quick as the nightmares started, they have now vanished.

In the weeks and months that followed, the gem remains as powerful as it has ever been. Your survival instincts, first awakened by the nightmares, now recedes into what you would have felt and been before you claimed the gem. It would seem you have survived this ordeal and the gem’s power is yours to have. Your life returns to normal and you still have the power of the gem to influence those around you. Life is...good?

One night however, as you find yourself in a deep sleep, you are welcomed to a rude awakening. Hooded men smack you with an iron staff and drag you away from your home, campsite or wherever you may be staying at that time. As you try to get a good look at your abductors you catch a glimpse of what is underneath the hood: Tendrils. As soon as you see them you immediately get what feels to be an intense migraine. You pass out.

Several hours later you find yourself in a cave that is dimly illuminated. As you awaken, you notice your head is placed in a metal grate of sorts. The remainder of your body is numb and all else you feel is the cold of the rust grating resting on your neck. You try to look at one of the hooded men in front of you once more. Your heart skips a beat: It’s as if they have no faces. You only see the back of the hood!

One of the hooded ‘creatures’ extends it’s right arm to you. A purple glow hits you. An intense pain burns bright throughout your body. It’s as if someone is pulling at you, trying to tear you apart. You scream in pain. It’s the worst pain you’ve ever had! You beg for mercy! The pulling gets worse and worse...and then it’s as if there’s a ‘pop’ in your brain and the pain instantly goes away. You grow numb, and fall asleep.

You sleep but without dreams or nightmares. It’s as if you do not exist and all you see or feel is a void of pitch-black darkness. Will you even awaken anymore?

But then you suddenly awake again. You aren’t in your bed anymore. You are...elsewhere? You find yourself bereft of any possessions, even your decency. As you stumble forward you feel numb, as if all feeling has been ripped from your body. You know your name, what happened to have come here...but that’s it. Your memory is hazy and vague. You know your purpose and your goals, but why do you even want to accomplish them?

As you get onto your feed you stumble outside of a dark cave. And then it hits you: The sky is filled with a blue foreboding hue. The landscape is jagged and filled with mist. There is nothing but grey and destroyed woodland and the remains of houses around you. The air reeks of death but at the same time pleasant perfume. The look of this place then hits you as you try to make sense of it all.

This is Coldharbour.

Phase 3 Effects:
- You are now Soulless. Although you might think that Molag Bal stole your soul, it was actually Hermaeus Mora who possesses your soul now and has ‘gifted’ the baggage (e.g. your body) to Molag Bal.
- You have been abducted to Coldharbour.
- You hear whispers at the back of your mind telling you to find shelter in the ‘Everfull Flagon’. You stumble around the wastes trying to find this strange place.
- Your body will still need food, water and rest, but it’s growing weaker the longer you take to reach the village.

The idea from this point onward is that the emergent plot turns into a focused storyline where several other Soulless try to survive the wastes of Coldharbour together. Note that the storyline will take place on the edges of what is possible in terms of what is ‘correct lore’ and what is not. However, in the interest of creating a compelling story that is connected to the game’s main plot, some liberties will be taken.

Interested in this unique experience? Feel free to contact me on Discord! Random IT Guy#6937. A topic on this new focused storyline and RP event series (+ a guild will follow in the coming days).
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Zero interest unfortunately! I'll leave this topic up for now but putting it on the back-burner. Feel free to still poke me on Discord if you'd like something like this.
Posted Dec 29, 18 · OP