"Blood we shall shed."
"By Honour we live."
"In Kin we find Strength."

"Those are the values of our pack. And together we prevail, through snow & ash alike."
"We are the Orcs of Nazrog."

Who are we?

We are a small group of roleplayers mainly focused on open & event-based RP revolving around Orcish values.
As you might figure, we are looking to gather & welcome anyone interested in orcish clan-roleplay into our guild!
Come, pariah folk! Let us hunt, feast and fight together!

Of course, you don't need to be an orc to RP with us!
We are also interested in meeting & interacting with other people & groups, be it breton nobles or ragtag mercenaries!
Don't be afraid, we only bite if you're remotely irritating.

And In-Character?

The Nazrog Clan's stronghold is based beside the north-eastern corner of Wrothgar, at the foot of Mt. Sorrow.
...One of the last, hospitable fortresses before the Sea of Ghosts.

For decades, the hardy Wurgoth Clan raided Reach-lands from said fortress.
Yet after a grand assault by the longhouse emperors during 2E 570, that Stronghold fell into ruins...

..But, never once have an orcish clan fell for good. They always rise again, through one bloodline or the other.
One of the survivors of the assault, Fengrim gro-Nazrog returned in year 585, set to rebuild what his Kin lost 15 years ago.

Soon, he took up the throne as Chieftain, rallying any Orsimer willing to stand at his side..


Who will heed the Chieftain's call, and join his people in their struggle for survival?

Our Home - Nazrog Vosh, (@Schmertz's Primary Residence)


Recruitment is; Open!

Contact Persons:

  • Fengrim gro-Nazrog
    In-Game: @Schmertz
    Discord: Schmertz#3760

  • Umoaz gra-Borgakh
    In-Game: @Ceeress
    Discord: Ceeeres#1477

  • Ragash gra-Ghoth // Kharsh gro-Shargakh
    In-Game: @Elder25
    Discord: Skully#9087