Name: Novalice Lavon
Race: Imperial
Sex: Female
Age: 27 years old, born on the 24th of Frostfall under the Tower.

The distinction of separation between Personal and Professional those who are greeted by Novalice often find a warm if not accepting first impression. She has been described as a spider; the one who weaves webs of intrigue and seeks to bind others to serve her purposes. Most might not think there is truth in this at first impressions, yet many who spend time with her can feel the deeper motivations that are often concealed just beneath the veil of the guise she puts forward. In spite of these deeper motivations those who know Novalice realize she is the type who keeps her word to the best of her ability, and is loyal if not faithful to those she loves most. Her greatest weakness is her promiscuity when it comes to women with mer or imperial blood, this attraction is often considered on of her worst kept secrets.

Physical Description:
Of average height with a curvy build she beholds her surroundings with a deep emerald gaze. Often she is seen wearing makeup to draw further attention to her face. Her wardrobe features many different sets of clothing of high quality materials for a variety of purposes, work, or relaxation. Her most scandalous outfits feature cuts that accent her narrow shoulders or the teardrop shape of her breasts of her nearly hourglass figure. Regardless of the clothing she wears there are two things she would never willingly leave home without. The first is a simple silver ring that adorns the ring finger of her left hand, the other featuring on her right hand is a gold band of featuring a modest attempt at an engraving of a lacework of vines leading to a flower with a single tiny diamond inset in the center.

Novalice has nearly a decade of experience as a Merchant, and some of that experience has come from working with extra-legal individuals. In the early years as a pack merchant she developed a passion for learning recipes she encountered in her travels, this knowledge took no space in her packs and gave her an outlet for her creativity and has become the foundation of her cooking ability. It was also in these years that she learned discipline, trust, respect, aftercare, submission, and ultimately dominance from Katarina.

Drawn to success and seeking to elevate that success to the next heights. She seeks to build power and wealth ultimately to ensure the future of those she loves and is willing to do so even at the (limited) expense to others.

Lawful Evil

Lavon Company: Founder
House Hlaalu: Merchant, Current
Eastmarch Trade Company: Merchant, Former

The eight divines, though she feels no strong bond to worship of any singular one.

Apparent of having been born to a minor noble household before its collapse. Novalice is known to have abandoned her family after they arranged for her marriage to an elderly count. She spent many years on the road to avoid being found by her family in the early years, the remainder spent learning what she could of becoming a merchant alongside her lover a female dunmer named Katarina. After roughly seven years Novalice and Katarina parted ways, and a few months later Novalice met a Bosmer named Lailyana and her daughter Seldel who have become her Wife and Step-daughter. (More detail is available in character.)

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