We are the War-Wolf Clan, fight and die well...
The war wolf clan is a nord based guild with strong roots to Hircine and Lycanthropy, it is accurate to have us classed as a werewolf guild however we are willing to make a few exceptions for practical reasons. If you join us these are the following events that you can expect regularly:

One of our main focuses will be werewolf based gameplay within the alliance war, we side with the ebonheart pact for all PVP affairs. I will teach those who dont know how to use werewolf in PVP properly how to do so and as for those that are not werewolves for reasons such as being a magicka based character, they will take on a support role amidst a horde of werewolves, healing, shielding and deploying siege engines we cannot use while in werewolf form, however expect PVP to also take place in human form as werewolf cannot solve every situation.

Unlike a lot of other guilds we will be focused on roleplaying. We will roleplay very similar to the companions, a clan of warriors of nord roots willing to accept and call any who have a fire in their heart friends. I know a lot of people are not very well versed in roleplaying and if that is the case then be sure to message me over PSN and I will help your character fit in. Roleplaying will be a part of this guild as much as doing PVP or dungeons, skipping out on it and not taking roleplaying seriously will not be looked upon kindly as it is just as much a part of the clan as any other activity. Our Roleplay will mostly be based around a nord style of roleplay, and it would be greatly appreciated if those among our ranks try and look the part (sort of like barbaric nord werewolves).

Much like any other guild we will try our best to do PVE dungeon runs as much as we can, however it will not be down to me to organise these unless I myself am taking part. Feel free to do these and organise with guildmates as much as you like, any activity within the guild is welcome.

What kind of guild would we be if we didnt mess around in our spare time on the game between events? This can involve anything from grouping up and going on hunts as four or more werewolves in a group with the passives allows for permanent werewolves with no timer, and this can be used for a multitude of purposes, from hunting in provinces of tamriel, promoting ourselves by wolfing up in the middle of a town, making sure the vampires at their shrines dont forget our presence when theyre not visiting us at ours...

How do I join?:
Should you decide that this guild is the guild for you then our clan will more then happily welcome you into our ranks. Should you wish to join then message me on playstation network, my PSN is brickbeard2009, tell me that you wish to be a part of the guild and I will add you when i am next on ESO.

I hope to see those that are werewolves and those that wish to become them soon as Shield-Siblings. See you soon...