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Breton Vampire Atali Vautieri

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A T A L I _ V A U T I E R I

Age: Unknown.
Species: Breton, Vampire.
Gender: Female.
Occupation: Thief and Assassin.
Affiliations: Neutral.
Titles: The Bloodied Rose.

Apparent Age: Mid Twenties.
Hair: Long, red.
Eyes: Green, but will turn red when feeding or using other vampiric abilities.
Skin: Porcelain.
Build: Small but agile.

• A P P E A R A N C E •


Despite being short in height, the woman carries with her an air of importance which are only further enhanced by her apparent upper-class mannerisms. Her slim, narrow jaw and full, pouting lips help to accentuate a flawless, smooth-skinned appearance, one decorated by carefulyl applied makeup around her eye lids and lips.

Like some Breton, however, the tips of her ears remain relatively pointed to show her line of heritage, yet they're usually always hidden beneath her long, crimson locks that are either tied up into a tight bun, or merely left to hang loose and trail down over her shoulders and chest like a bloody waterfall.

When it comes to body shape, it's clear to see that she's curvy - such shapes only enchanced by the tight leather or cloth attire that she's often found in. Mostly corsets or various 'work' related garb. Something which she does use to her ability when extracting information if there is truly no one else around to take her stead.

Beneath the plump rouge lips, are a set of small, sharp fangs that protrude from her upper gum, a sight which she tends to keep hidden by doing her best to maintain a neutral expression, or often hiding behind a hand on the rare occasion she has to laugh or even smile. Needless to say, she wishes to try and avoid becoming the target of any hunters.

• P E R S O N A L I T Y •

Atali is often described as materialistic and sarcastic. Some say she has a tongue of ice, while others are merely drawn to her lack of empathy. What little would know and understand is that she can be empathetic, but only to those she deems worthy. All in all, she screams 'heartless' when it isn't entirely the case. She can also be rather quick to anger - depending on the subject of conversation.

• A B I L I T I E S •

Atali's abilities are as followed:

Blood Magic (Hemomancy) -
Atali utilizes this ability to the fullest she possibly can. This is so she can use her magic to heal others especially those of a more darker disposition - as well as use it against her foes when confrontation is needed.

First Aid -
Aware that sometimes, she will need to interact with the living and keep herself quiet, Atali has worked on ensuring that she is able to also use typical herbal remedies and bog-standard first aid traits to fix the wounds of those she works alongside, or those needing her care.

Melee combat: Duel wielding daggers -
Although magic is clearly her forté, Atali does have the ability to use daggers and rather effectively at that. Often using certain poisons on the blade, she can opt to make her victims suffer or grant them swift, sweet release. It all depends on who it is that has landed upon her list.

Espionage -
Thanks to her short and agile frame, Vautieri is able to get herself into places which most may find rather difficult to. This makes her perfect for taking part in espionage and eaves dropping on various individuals.

Draining -
Like most vampires, they have their own abilities which come into play in combat and much more. So it's easy to understand that Atali has her own too. One of which is draining the life of others to revitalise herself and her own health while weakening or in some more severe cases, killing her opponent. This does take a large chunk of her magicka and in turn, will cause her to become exhausted after some use.

• H I S T O R Y •

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If ever looking for a supernatural guild, on the EU side, you should check out Nightfall Dominion :)
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Yay for Breton vampires! Please feel free to come meet your fellow undead at Casual Monsters!
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