For now this profile consist more of a background story write up and notes about the character. He is my first RP character in ESO, and I hope to get involved in some RP on him soon.


Background Character roster:

Father: Idhin Endeian, Breton mage explorer. Erak might have other family in Breton but this side of his family is unknown to him.

Mother: Eydil Asgersen, seamstress.

Foster father: Haldor Asgersen, tailor.

Borar and Uthe Gjanson, farmers.

Mentor: Alvavin Dranvi, a Dunmer mage.

Best friend: Jofmer the Smith’s son, who wanted to become a warrior.

Love interest: Arika Harrier, a Nord bard who performed at the Cold Moon Inn in Windhelm while Erak lived there

Birth sign: The Mage.

1. Where was he born?
Erak Asgersen was born in Nimalten, a small town in the western area of The Rift. The climate there is more forgiving than the rest of Skyrim but the wildlife is no less dangerous. Erak grew up with long grass fields and a wary eye for saber cats, bears, or other local predators that could chase down a distracted child.

2. Who was his parents?
Erak believes himself the son of Haldor and Eydil Asgersen, but in reality, he is the product of a love affair between his mother and a visiting Breton mage. However, this is a closely guarded secret from her mother’s side of the family, and neither Erak nor his foster father knows about it.

One night many winters ago, a lone rider arrived at a farm near Ivarstead during a harrowing storm. His robe was rich but torn and bloodied from a too close encounter with a saber cat. The stranger collapsed off his horse, prompting the family who lived on the farm to rush out and tend to him. When the man came to next morning, he identified himself as ‘Idhin Endeian’ of the Mage’s guild in High Rock, and went on to explain that he was visiting Skyrim to explore Nord ruins and write about the magic the remnants of history and magic they contain.

Borar Gjanson, the man of the house, reacted like most Nords would towards talk of magic, but his daughter Eydil was fascinated by the young stranger in their house and the story’s he told; indeed Idhin’s stories and ambitions far outstretched anything Eydil encountered in her mundane existence as a farmer’s daughter and sparked in her dreams of far of places and adventures.

Idhin remained on the Gjanson farm as he recovered, earning his stay by instructing local children. He later maintained this arrangement even after recovering, as he began exploring nearby ruins to write about his discoveries. A couple of months passed like this, during which affection grew between Eydil and Idhin. This resulted in an unplanned pregnancy...

A. Is his parents/family still alive?
Suddenly faced with a pregnant woman whom he did not intend to marry, and her very insistent father, Idhin realised that his time in Ivarstead was drawing to a close. One day, the bloody milk drinker packed up and left without an exploration, deeming that personal entanglements were getting in the way of his research. Safe to say, the people he left behind were less than impressed. Fortunately, the neighbouring town of Nimalten had an eligible bachelor in the young tailor Haldor Asgersen, whom Eydil’s father determined didn’t have to know that the child in coming was not his...

Eydil was, as one would expect from a young woman, heartbroken to be left in such a predicament by her dashing mage. However, as reality knocked on the door she was forced to face the implications of raising a bastard child on her own. This prospected motive Eydil enough that she managed to Haldor before her pregnancy became obvious. And, when Eydil presented her lie to Haldor, the boring local proved a more honest man than the mysterious stranger. After that Eydil moved to Nimalten and became a seamstress to assist her husband in his work. A couple of months later she gave birth to a son whom they named Erak Asgersen. Erak grew up to become tall but frail for a Nord...

Additionally, the mixture of betrayal and having to keep such a secret from her own husband – a husband she would not have choose given another choice - did derive the previously cheerful Eydil of her former spirit and wore on her in the years that followed.

3. What was he doing before the adventuring life?

- Years as a tailor’s apprentice.
- Two years as a mage’s apprentice.

Erak grew up in the small town of Nimalten, thinking that eight house made for a large city during his initial years. Here he helped out with duties at home, learned some tailoring skills from his father, and occasionally helped on the farm of his grandparents near Ivarstead. Erak made friends with the few other children of Nimalten, particularly Jofmer the Smith’s son, who harboured a child’s dream of one day become a great warrior. A dream the young Erak believed that he could, given his Nordly vigour and robust frame.

Once Erak reached his adolescence he became an apprentice tailor who took to working by his father’s side, and began making rounds to Riften together with Jofmer to sell the wares of their respective families. During one of these trips they ran into a Dunmer in rich robes, who, like them, where travelling toward Nimalten as well. Alvavin Dranvi he was called, and like Erak’s father, although this remained unknown to him, Alvavin was in Skyrim to investigate magic remains in Nord ruins on behalf of the Mage’s guild.

Along their way, the small party was assaulted by a band of bandits. Jofmer, in true Nord style, brandished his axe while Erak followed suite with considerably less conviction. However, before the fight broke out in earnest, Alvavin lifted his hands and called lightning down from the sky – killing a bandit in the blink of an eye. As the remaining bandits fled Jofmer and Erak stared in stunned silence. Erak was fascinated.

4. Why did he leave his previous life?
Alvavin was received with a mixture of scepticism and interest in Nimalten, but the Dunmer’s apparent knowledge and full purse earned him a place in their small community. Still, Erak’s mother and grandparents remained among the mage’s most avid detractors for reasons their son could not comprehend; of course magic was not the norm, and no, a strong Nord warrior did not require ‘cheap tricks’ but still... When exposed to talk like that, Erak could not help but recall how Alvavin had dealt with a bandit with a meagre jester.

Now, Erak was not a power hungry young man per say, but due to his slight build he had never had the physic to compete with Jofmer and the other young Nord men, making the prospect of becoming capable through alternative means appealing to him. More than that, he felt irrevocably drawn to both the Alvavin’s research and the knowledge he possessed. This drove Erak to find every excuse he could to interact with the Dunmer, who after some time, grew to befriend the young Nord whom he remarked “made for a better conversation than most of these loud peasants.” although he said it with a dosage of healthy self-deprivation.

Erak’s parents took issue with his ‘unhealthy interest’ in the mage and his arts. His mother was the most adamant, in fact she seemed to hate mages with an - what seemed to Erak - unjustified zest. His father disapproved too, but his disappointed frown was more so motivated by the way Erak took to rushing his needlework in favour of spending time with ‘the mage.’ The conflict came to a head when Erak, railed up and a tad drunk on meat, noted that “Master Dranvi says I have a latent affinity for the arcane!” His mother slapped him and shouted for Erak to move out of her house!

Hurt and taken aback, Erak went to Alvavin who listened to the youth’s explanation with his characteristic patience. Only once Erak was done did Alvavin note that he was travelling further north before long, and could use an assistant – especially one with an affinity for the arcane, and the added ability to patch his garments. Erak was reluctant at first, but ultimately reasoned that going north to around Windhelm was not further away than he could always return home once things had cooled down. And so he became Alvavin’s assistant.

A few weeks turned into three years as Erak adjusted to both life in a larger city and the new world opened to him through his studies with Alvavin’s student. Together, the two of them read up on ancient Nordic lore and travelled to long forgotten ruins, all while Erak was encouraged and assisted with unlocking his talent for the arcane. Although far from becoming a master in the allotted time, the young Nord gained a rudimentary understanding for the school of Alteration and Destruction to the point where he could conjure a flame to throw at a draugr, a ward to protect against basic attacks, or a hovering globe of light to illuminate his path. Erak even feel in love with a beautiful bard whom he listed to at the Cold Moon Inn, and gradually began envisioning a different life for himself than that of a small town tailor...

Then one day, Erak received a letter from his mother. A letter wherein she apologised for her outburst and she, and the rest of her family, missed hear dearly. She pleaded with him to return home, needing to convey something of great importance to him. Erak sent a note promising that he would return soon; that he too yearned for reconciliation, even if he had chosen a different in life. However, before he could return, he and his master had an expedition scheduled into a hidden tomb Alvavin had been searching for.

The expedition brought them to an old ruin in the frosty mountains near Winterhold, in an area Alvavin had identified by cross-referencing old accounts: The Hall of Solitude where ancient members of the Dragon Cult had, according to his research, gone to ruminate and study in peace and quiet. The mage and his apprentice broke through a frozen door and stepped through a corridor that had not been disturbed in ages. Unlike the previous ruins they had explored, the Hall proved filled with drugr and still active traps. By sheer misfortune, Alvavin stepped on a wrong pressure plate and was propelled through a trap door, separating him from Erak. Now alone, the young apprentice panicked and became turned about. He called for his mentor, managing only to attract unwanted attention from the local undead. After narrowly escaping the clutches of death, Erak found a wounded Alvavin who limped through the halls on a twisted leg while dripping trails of blood. Erak supported him, and together they escaped the hall. But once the setting sun became apparent in the horizon, Alvavin collapsed from the pressure of his wounds. Desperately, Erak tried to heal him, but restoration magic had never been his forte, and these wounds were far beyond his capabilities to mend.

With his last strength, Alvavin handed Erak two things; his notes on the Nordic ruins; and an amulet he had retrieved from the ruins. He warned Erak not to wear the amulet, and to venture with haste to Wayrest and deliver it to Idhin Endeian. Then Erak’s mentor passed away his arms...

5. What did he leave behind?
Spurred on by his mentor’s warnings of urgency and a sensation of being pursuit by an elusive shadow, Erak departed as soon as he was able. He never had time to express his feelings to that beautiful bard, or inform friends and family where he was going. More importantly perhaps, Erak left before making peace with his mother and learning what she wanted to tell him.

Erak also left behind any remaining notion of settling into an uneventful life as a tailor in Nimalten. In wake of what he had experienced and learned, he will not able to return to such a small world, and besides, he has a mission propelling him forward.

However, the young Nord was intercepted along the way...

6. What does he want? (motivations)
1. To continue his education and become a full mage - perhaps to discover the secrets of Mundus?
2. To fulfil Alvavin’s last request and perhaps finish his research.
3. To prove himself to his family and himself - more specifically, to prove that his chosen path in life is a worthwhile one.