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Starting on empty slate!

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Hey there, I'm here to stretch my rusty legs on RP, but I have an issue.

I've no clue what to start with!

So till now, I've RPd a nomad type of Imperial gal, but am now looking for something different to RP. In fact, I've sorta been thinking about race changing her into something completely different. Problem is, I've no clue what. I usually make my characters fitting specifically for a guild, at least to some degree, because it's often the guild that inspires me to write the character. So I'm here to look for ideas, but before listing things I'm looking for from the guild, few words of myself!

As of now, I'm 25-year-old Finn, working 9-15 on this workshop for unemployed young people, meaning I'm most active on weekends but do have the evenings for RP also - just not late. I've done RP for ten-ish years, mostly on WoW and text based RP on forums, but I've dabbled in ESO RP previously too. And even if English isn't my first language, I feel I have a pretty good grasp of it. (:

Now to the things I'm looking for from the guild!

- First of all, active. Pretty obvious, I guess, and I by no means mean that it should be the type of guild to have events every single evening because I know I won't be able to attend all and everything. Just that there's people to RP with, and most importantly, chat with!
- Mature. This here, is a bigger thing. I don't mean the themes have to be all mature, but I'd like to be able to dabble in darker themes of RP without needing to worry about my partners being too young.
- Guild with a specific plot line. Not meaning it means there can't be any but one type of RP or events, but I'd like the RP to -go- somewhere, not excluding personal RP between the characters but adding to that. A story, no matter how vague it might be where it's leading. Not only events here and there hanging in taverns or just one place, you know?
- Just helpful, nice bunch of people! I have to admit that my knowledge of the lore is lacking still, as said, I'm mostly familiar with my Warcraft and I've only ever played some Skyrim before ESO, so even though I strive to look up and read as much as I can when it comes to my character and themes of the guild, there will surely be questions.

I hope this isn't too much to ask, let me know if you're in a guild with an open spot for my soon to be created character, or if you know of any and can point me in the right direction! ^^
Posted May 20, 18 · OP
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Keep the character as an Imperial, and hmu, planning to start up some Imperial based plot driven RP that'll dabble into the more realistic and darker natures of Tamriel as a wartorn land.
Posted May 20, 18
I like the sound of that!
Posted May 21, 18 · OP
I would say, start with the community enjin/Discord groups (Vvardenfell Roleplay, Stormhaven Roleplay or Aldmeri Dominion Roleplay!) and check what you like - within them, you can find formed adventuring groups - or guilds which represent in-game factions (ex. Mages or Fighters' Guild)
Varvesa Viras - looking for connections/plots/friends and foes!
Posted May 22, 18
If you are interested in telvanni Rp feel free to join Azura's Coast RP guild. Check our website for more data http://azuras-coast.guildlaunch.com
We are friendly and helpful people :)
Posted May 25, 18