Since the older page is a bit outdated. I've decided to make a new informative entry here:

We've recently finished with our new Gold Coast Trading Company Wiki and will from now on refer to this as the most updated source of information about the guild.

Secondly we wish to highlight our ledger system. A function we hope to use for anyone who wish to do trade with the GCTC. It is fairly simple. If you wish to trade with us, merely fill in one of the top rows of the table, and a merchant will contact you afterwards. If you notice that you already have an entry for your character, without a request marker next to it. Simply add the request marker to your previous entry.

I also wish to take a moment to invite anyone wishing to join the upcoming campaign in Sentinel and partly the Alikir desert. If you have a character that you think would appropiate to involve in the storyline, or in any of the companys divisions.

Feel free to contact any of the officers:
@Dreskirr - Privateer Fleet
@Alekarr - Cohort

Lastly some (not all) of our events are run through some kind of roll system. If you are interested in a more tabletop feel to your character joining, I'd like to highlight the Roll System we grant our members to use to customize their characters. However, it is not mandatory.

Feel free to use the wiki for your character profile creation.

Thanks for taking your time to read this!