Short summary as of 2E 585


B A S I C _ I N F O R M A T I O N

▪ Age: 35
▪ Born: Somewhere in Hammerfell
▪ Species: Redguard
▪ Gender: Male
▪ Occupation: Sword for hire
▪ Affiliations: None
▪ Constellation: Shadow
▪ Apparent Age: Thirties
▪ Hair: Bald
▪ Eyes: Green
▪ Skin: Bronze
▪ Build: Athletic
▪ Height: 6'0"
▪ Weight: 85kg


Jag is a well build and tall man. He wears a long brown trenchcoat reaching up to his knees. His shoulder, arms and feet are protected by steel armour pieces coated in golden looking paint. He keeps his head shaved completely. He carries one sword and one knife attached to his belt. Majority of the time his head is covered by a hood and mask, guarding him against the sand as well as conceal his identity from unwanted observers



He is a pragmatic and rational man, this has built him a reputation as a reliable individual who can get the job done without any issues, most of the time. Though his lust for coin will often lead him to many places (a behaviour tempered back from back when he was a bandit) Sometimes taking him back to life outside of the law though it does not give him the same pleasure as it once did. He is an introvert in nature, preferring to keep to himself in his free time, often drowning his guilt in taverns.

A B I L I T I E S _ & _ E Q U I P M E N T

Jagani is always combat ready when traversing Nirn. He keeps one knife and one sword attached to his belt. Attached to the inside of his Trenchcoat are a dozen knives, usually used to throw at fleeing targets rather than in direct combat.
Jagani is a skilled duelist, preferring to fight one on one with his enemy. His years of experience, preying on weaker targets have taught him how to best utilise his enemy's weaknesses to his advantage in combat.
Though not a fan of magic, he likes to give himself an advantage with poisons and potions.


Jagani was born in Hew's bane in Abah's landing, as such, crime was a second nature for him. His mother was a thief making living from robbing folks all across Hammerfell. Her luck ran out when she was caught by a guard in Abah's landing. Instead of sending her to prison the guard forced himself on her and left her after he was done. Unable to continue her career as a thief while pregnant, Jagani's mother resorted to begging instead. Weak and malnourished, Jagani's mother was on a brink of death. It was because of the kindness of a travelling merchant that she was able to give birth to Jagani. The merchant took Jagani's mother with him, she gave birth in the merchant's caravan during their journey; too weak to withstand the shock of giving birth, she died and the merchant adopted Jagani as his own son.
Jagani lived a good life, travelling and trading across Tamriel. When Jagani was five his now stepfather's caravan was attacked and ransacked by brigands. They killed everyone, except Jagani. Unaware that the caravan was home to young Jagani, the brigand's leader Cirndert, took young Jagani under his wing.
Majority of Jagani's life was filled with murder and robbery. He eventually took over his Mentor's bandit group. He led a successful life and happy life with no desire to stop. That was until he met a foe that destroyed it all. Now in his early thirties, Jagani and his company spotted what looked like a simple merchant. Clothed in black cape concealing his armour, as well as a hood covering his visage. Jagani though it would be an easy target. Unbeknown to him, it was an Altmer veteran battlemage. The Altmer fought of Jagani's men with ease, killing all of them. Somehow, Jagani survived the ordeal, seeing as a second chance, he decided to leave behind his life as a bandit. Though ridden with guilt, Jagani struggles to leave the life of crime behind, often walking a thin line between legal and illegal activities. He still seeks redemption, hoping he can atone for his past sins.

w / _ s o m e _ i n s p i r a t i o n _ f r o m _ c a y t h w y n