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House Valmir - A Persistent story

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-- < House Valmir > --
Race: Mixed || Faction: Aldmeri Dominion || Recruitment Status: OPEN
"I see a familiar place. Haunted by shadows. Shadows that spread across the lands, seeking to rule over all. In the darkened remains... of my Home." - Unnamed Altmer Heroine

"Proud members of the Aldmeri Dominion! The time has come to take what is rightfully ours! Under the Leadership of Queen Ayrenn, the Dominion will triumph and return to it's former glory! Among those who fight to serve our Queen, House Valmir has taken the liberty of establishing a base of operation in order to gather resources and manpower, so that our enemies may once more learn to fear and respect our people."

"Will you join House Valmir in their effort to bring the crown, a step closer to Victory?"
- Town Crier

Who are we?
House Valmir. Currently headed by Lord Aronil Valmir;
A Noble house which occupies a Manor outside of the town of Mathiisen.

The Head of House Valmir and other times more notable family members have always served the Aldmeri Dominion in one capacity or another. Currently, Aronil Valmir is a steward to the Canonreeve of Mathiisen in office of Diplomat and has been commissioned to lead a garrison of troops to support the Aldmeri Dominion.

What do we do?
As an experienced and mature Roleplaying guild. Our theme centers around character development and immersive plotline progression. Ensuring a lore friendly experience.

Our RolePlay will be based on assigments, small scale events, character developing & idle / impromptu RP at our Manor and other PVE environments with a view to intergrate a small aspect of PVP. Aside from the main plotline which serves as a peristent foundation. Sub plots are encouraged to be lead and progressed by guild members to keep the story fresh.

This is a heavily RP based guild, but people new and willing to learn how to RP are always welcome.
Guild Rules

  • Absolutely no lore-breaking. If something has been confirmed to not exist in lore then don't do it. Unsure? Ask an officer.
  • Create a well rounded, believeable and lore coherent character. Consider strengths, weaknesses, quirks, mannerisms. If they're interesting and unique, they'll be more fun for others to roleplay with.
  • Ask permission before involving others in your activities. Establish what your partner will and won't allow - explicit violence? Any long lasting injury? Permadeath? Effective communication will prevent any boundaries from being crossed.
  • Face the consequences of your actions. If during an event, your group is outnumbered, exhausted from marching all night long, moving through a swamp AND you decide to charge at the enemy all alone, then expect to be captured, downed easily or worst case scenario, even face death.
  • No ERP. ERP is heavily frowned upon by most Rpers. Absolutely no ERP is to take place in public places under any circumstances. Public places include Guild Halls and any other instances which can be accessed by players outside of your party. If you'd be embarassed if your mother walked in on you doing it, it's probably too much.
  • Be active. Actively RPing on your character is a must. Contact an officer explaining why if you need to be gone for an extended period of time otherwise players who have not been with us for a set amount of time will be sent an in-game letter and kicked.

1) Contact the officers: Aronil Valmir / @DezVahlok

Tenrayne Adahl / @legend230
2) Reply here on the forums or use enjin messaging
3) Join the Discord Server: https://discord.gg/6hQ2SkA
Structure & Ranks
The Household runs on a well thought system aiming towards a smooth administration in IC and OOC matters. At the same time the system aims to inspire our members to work hard and play a part in the IC-guild affairs and be rewarded for their efforts.
Officer Ranks:
(( We do not recommend creating a character who is already at this rank and try to urge players to start low and work their way up the ranks In-Character. ))
Head of House:
This rank is pretty self explanatory. The Head of the House, Lord Aronil Valmir himself. Greatest authority in the House. Enough said.
Lord Valmir's right hand. During the Lord's absence, the Reeve holds all authority and his word is law. Personally picked and elevated to hold this rank by Lord Valmir himself.
The highest military rank in the House, that's below the Head of the House and the Reeve. A Commander is able to command a field army or multiple armies if need be, into battle and is among the most respected and feared members of the House. It's almost a certainty that one appointed to this rank, has a lot of experience leading troops into battle, while also being a deadly
Normal Ranks:
While there is only ONE Commander ( for now ), there can be many Captains. The Commander's officers. His/Her eyes and ears on the field. When Commanders lead whole armies, Captains are capable of leading companies of 80 up to 150 troops and in rare occassions, whole battalions and even regiments of troops.
A lieutenant is someone trained in the arts of war greatly, but lacks in comparison to the higher ranks in leadership capabilities. lieutenants can lead small platoons, ranging from 15-45 troops. They have proven themselves many times in the eyes of the officers and have bled for this position.
A sergeant, much like the lieutenant has bled and proven himself/herself many times, but is able to lead only a squad of people, ranging from 8-14 soldiers.
Talon of Valmir:
The Talons of Valmir are Lord Valmir's personal guards. Formidable warriors and spellcasters who are willing to give their lives to save their lord, should the need arise.
Corporals are soldiers who have been recognized in battle and are able to lead small teams of troop, up to 4 members.
The bulk and backbone of the army, Marines are the brave soldiers of the Dominion's forces. Trained in the sword, the lance, the bow or spellcasting.
This rank is reserved for characters who have yet to be employed by House Valmir or who own another, special place among the ranks.
Additional Info:

"Your home needs you now, more than ever."
"Welcome Home"
- Razum Dar
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Recruitment is open !
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