Nymeria Valera Auralde
Race: Altmer
Age: 124
Gender: Female
Birthsign: The Mage
Favorite Gods: Auri-El
Archetype: The Magician
Place of Birth: Shimmerene, Summerset
Eyes: Silver
Fur/Hair: Gold Hair
Personality: Determined, curious, respectful, vain in her appearance, blunt, vulgar, crass
Habits: Brushes her long, big ears subconsciously
General Health: Healthy, good stamina, practicing magic
Hobbies: Reading, Socializing
Armor: Altmer Battlemage Armor
Primary Weapon of Choice: Spear/Staff
Fighting Style: Generally uses magic, though she can resort to swords if needed.
Knowledge of Magicka: 70 years of training in Stormcalling and other battle magics.
Affiliations: Aldmeri Dominion, Mages Guild (Formerly), Dominion Military, Dominion Intelligence



Nymeria Auralde was born in Shimmerene, Summerset, on the fourth of Rain’s Hand. She spent her early twenty years in Shimmerene with her parents. However, they moved around often, and Nym spent her years being raised in many different cities in Summerset and Auridon. After discovering her talent for magic, her parents put her in several classes to nurture her ability.

Nym grew up with few friends, having moved around so often, and she often yearns to develop good friendships with strong foundations. Despite all her rough military training, she remains a respectable and friendly person, and has proven a good diplomat.

She is quite vain in her own appearance, valuing high-quality clothes and eclectic style. She uses makeup on most of her face, except for her scar that runs down her left eye. She believes it serves as a reminder of how she got it, and she flaunts it to anyone who would threaten her. On the contrary to her vanity, she is self-conscious of her long ears, bigger than most. In subconscious thought she often brushes them with her fingers.

Born and raised in Shimmerene by her parents for twenty years, Nymeria was signed on to be trained in her magic by the Sapiarchs of Summerset. When she failed to reach their standards, Nym’s parents turned to the Mages Guild in Skywatch, Auridon. There she was trained in magic, and eventually developed her skills towards battle-focused magics. She trained in that area for seventy years, and eventually joined the Dominion military, and would eventually go on to take part in the Alliance War. Today she serves in many diplomatic missions and occasionally spies for the Dominion.