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> First-, middle-, lastname <
Arqunwe [ark-un-wei]

> Titles <
Apprentice mage

General Information

> Race <

> Gender <

> Age and birthsign <
42, born the 22nd of Sun's Height
under the sign of the Apprentice.

> 'At first glimpse...' <
Arqunwe looks like an ordinary Altmer. She has golden hair often put up in
a bun and braid. Her eyes are blue/green. Her figure is slim and feminine. She
wears green and brown fabric with metal for extra protection. Arqunwe also
bears an inferno staff.


> Background <
Arqunwe was born on Summerset Island with her brother. Though she grew up
unaware of both those facts. They had transported her to Auridon with a ship
when she was only a newborn, with only a blanket wrapped around her, her name
embroidered on it, and the basket she was sent in.

She was found by an old aldmeri mage, by the name of Sanalmo, who long sought for
both Arqunwes parents and someone to take her in, but it was all for naught. He ended
up having to take care of her himself, he couldn't just leave her after all, despite being
the busy man he was.

Arqunwe grew up to be intelligent, agile and with a great aptitude for magic, to Sanalmos
great pleasure. When she turned 19, she could do more than an apprentice of the Mages
Guild. It didn't take long though, for her to be tired of the walls and confinement Sanalmo
had brought her up in and she wanted to discover the world. Sanalmo disagreed with her
and wanted to keep her there to teach her more magic, so she was even more ready for
the outside world, though he had grown fond of her as his own daughter. He managed to
have her stay for another decade before he fell ill.

On his deathbed he told her the truth about her upbringing and how he found her. He also
told her how proud he was of her and that he really saw her as his own daughter. With his
last breath and a kind smile, he gave her his permission to explore the outside world. Arqunwe
was heartbroken and cried for days.

Sanalmo didn't leave much, but she brought it all with her, locked the door to the house they
had lived in for all those years, and walked away with tears in her eyes. She left it all behind
and started her adventure to look for her biological family and to find out why she was sent

For several weeks Arqunwe travelled around the ports of Tamriel and found nothing but dead
ends. One night she entered a specific tavern in which she met someone that told her that the
blanket she came in was made with fabric that originated in Summerset and that she should
start there to look. The kind bosmer lady, with the name Eniel, directed her towards Auridon to
get passage to Summerset. Arqunwe travelled by carriage and ship for several days before
reaching Auridon. There she met some drunken sailors in a bar boasting about how beautiful
Summerset was at this time of the year and how they would travel there in the morning with their
ship. She approached the sailors to ask for passage; with some luck and some female persuasion,
she managed to acquire passage to Alinor port..

> Factions and loyalties <
Herself alone

> Legacy <
An estate left to her by her biological parents,
along with some riches and other valuables.

> Prejudice and judgement <
She is an Altmer, so she is expected to strive for perfection,
which she does, but she does not find herself more worthy than
any other race. Her beliefs are that everyone can be perfect if they
work hard enough, and that Altmer are not superior to anyone.
She is kind to every man, mer and animal.

Appearance and physique

> Aesthetics <
Golden blonde hair put up in a bun with braids.

> Build <
Average height Altmer with a slim, feminine body. She is strong
but does not look particularly muscular. Her skin is a golden color.

> Trinkets and jewelry <
She is rarely seen wearing any jewelry in her daily appearances,
but if she dresses up for a party or other social occurrences she will
often wear earrings and maybe other trinkets.

> In their bag: <
Arqunwe carries little with her when she travels,
she has some gold pieces for food.


> Personality <
Her personality is that of a young, sweet and naïve girl, though she is
careful with any new traveler, she trusts her new acquaintances too

> Talents and weaknesses <
She is skilled with some fire magic and wields exemplary light magic.
She is scared of many things, some being heights, spiders and snakes.

> Motivations <
When Arqunwe learned she was not raised by her real parents, she has been
trying to track them and her lineage down to see where she really comes from.

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Cool profile! The simple details make you want to know more.

If she's searching for her family and needs assistance my group, Blackwing Imports and Aquisitions could potentially be useful to her! That or perhaps she likes to shop for the rare and mysterious.

Shoot me a message if interested in that book!
Posted Jun 14, 18
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It would be great. But it seems you belong to the NA servers, which I do not. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Posted Jun 22, 18 · OP
Hey! If you are looking for EU Rp, there is a lot happening on storm-rp enjin and Discord channel!
If you look for Aldmeri RP, AD RP enjin will be also an option - there is also a Summerset RP group which is active on daily basis! In case of any questions feel free to poke me :)
Varvesa Viras - looking for connections/plots/friends and foes!
Posted Jun 22, 18