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AD Altmer Eileen of Firsthold aka Black Mythril

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Eileen of Firsthold
also known as Black Mythril
Age: 157
Gender: Female
Place of birth: Firsthold, Auridon

Knight Captain
Sage of dark knowledge
House advisor
Cleric of Mara

First Glimpse
Eileen is quite a tall altmer, standing high at 6'5 ft. tall, usually in a straight pose while holding her elbow with her left arm. She'll usually wear either her robes or her travel wear, either one can be recognized by the black, blue and gold colors, specifically liked by her. Her hair is either made as dominion warlocks, as its easier to handle with it, or she lets go free, releasing her warlocks. Eileen's eyes are perhaps the most interesting fact about her physical appearance, as they are blank and lack pupils - although she is not blind.

Eileen was born in Firsthold, to a rich family of traders. Her father inherited a large company of sea trade located in Firsthold and massive wealth. Her mother came from another family of rich traders from Shimmerene.. Both her parents sought power and prestige, therefore they attempted to earn the title of nobles in Auridon, making a deal with house Rilis to get the desired title in exchange for control over the trading company, and having their children sworn to serve the royals, and so at a very young age she, and her younger brother were both forced to swear loyalty to the royals and house Rilis.
At age 14 her talent with magicka was discovered, as she appeared to handle destruction magic fairly well, causing much damage in her family's garden. She was sent to the Mages guild to learn destruction, barely being accepted in as her behaviour as a troublemaker around her family's house and Firsthold. Reaching age 24 she and a few close friends discovered a group of young altmer who organizes lynches and attacks towards bosmer and khajiit citizens. She and her friends decided to do something about them, ambushing the group at night, catching 3 and injuring 2. Later it was discovered one of the injured mer, was the son of a very higly regarded noble in Firsthold. This mistake caused Eileen to be exiled to Grahtwood - at this point her parents stopped communicating with their daughter until later in her life.
She spent 40 years in Grahtwood, living with a group of bosmer hunters. They taught her how to survive on her own and how to wield a greatsword ,something that her parents never allowed her to do. She helped them by organizing hunts and helping them with local altmer troubling them (at this point in her life she've found her way with words). Around age 66 she and her bosmer comrades found a werewolf lurking the forests of Valenwood, and due to trouble with him hunting all their prey and assaulting members of their group they decided to hunt him. In the hunt Eileen was bitten and infected. After much thought the bosmer and Eileen decided it'll be better for her to depart from them, until she either heals or finds a way to control her new disease.
Mythril traveled north, seeking rumored monks who know a way to help her control her wolf form, eventually finding them 5 years later at the age of 71 on the border between Malabal Tor and Reaper's march. They taught her the way of controlling her transformation and how to keep a clear mind even on her feral form. On her training with the monks, she came upon a group of clerics of Mara, who were travelling from Greenshade to Reaper's march. After helping her with an injury from a hunter's arrow, they told her about the saying of mara and her ways. At this point she knew she needed to join their temple.
The nearest temple to Mara was in Reaper's march: a group of templars seeking to keep the region at peace while spreading the word of their divine. She joined them and for a time traveled with them, met new people and climbed up the ranks until the rank of a cleric, and a hall master for a short while.
During her serving of the divine, Eileen desperately needed income in order to keep her belly full and a roof above her. She at first tried enchanting, quickly retiring due to the lack of enchantment requirement in Reaper's march. She then tried bounties for a short while, quitting since it negated the values of her temple. She eventually stuck with treasure hunting - finding relics and artifacts and sell them for high prices, getting good at it until she started to handle daedric artifacts..
At the age of 130 she was well placed in the temple, as a cleric. She heard rumors of one of Harmaeous Mora's black books ending up in Alik'r desert, deciding to persue it and sell for the highest buyer, but not before verifying they won't use the book for malicious goals. She reached Alik'r, grabbed the book but at night she was sucked inside, being tormented by the daedric prince before she was rescued by her templar friends. This night she lost her sight temporarily, but her pupils permenantly. After this she stopped treasure-hunting completely.
A few years later tragedy struck - one of the templars' beloved member was exiled due to necromancy. Eileen was away on business while he was exiled and sentenced, but she could not believe it was true. A few days later, it was rumored the same member and one of his close companions died in a fire around Riften - that she didn't buy at all, going to investigate.. She eventually ended up at Craglorn, where she discovered the said member and a group of other ex-temple members decided to form a secret order to combat the temple, as they had suspicions the temple master was corrupted. She agreed to help due to her connection with the members of the order, acquiring the unofficial rank of knight and being spotted in the temple as a spy. For about a year she spied around, as new members joined the temple and more events occuring, the temple slowly collapsing until completely closing its doors a few years later.
At this point she served the order full-time, recruiting members and training in their cave in Craglorn.
In about the age of 142 she began to get interested with the dark arts, as she kept the black book and began her process of safely translating its content. She slowly learned how to control, drain and banish daedra, with a plenty of other dark and forbidden rituals and spells.
At the age of 145 she attempted to summon a daedra serving Molag Bal, to drain its magicka therefore empowering herself. She failed miserably, ending up with a strange infection of vampirism, although she was formally infected with lycanthropy.
Continuing to serve the order and learning the dark arts, she've found a falmer sage who was able to cure her of her illness, completely getting rid of both Lycanthropy and Vampirism, with some ancient ritual.
Then again, at the age of 150, a big chunk of the order's leadership retired, deciding to leave their current lifestyle of mercenaries "of peace" to end their life peacefully. Mythril was shortly put in a knight captain position under the lead of the new knight commander.
At this point of life it came to her that her mother passed away, and her brother seeks her in order to fulfill her duties and help the family. She first refused, but after some negotiation she decided to return to Auridon and serve house Rilis, being placed in a small house around Mathiisen in order to help it grow and flourish, eventually assisting house Rilis.
From age 154 and forward, she continued to investigate ways of daedra draining and summoning. She performed a successful drain of a Xivkyn Sorcerer, using its magicka pool as an extension to her own, almost tripling her might. She now controls portalling perfectly, utilizing oblivion as a shortcut, summoning lesser daedra with ease and wields lightning magic as if it was a part of her body.
No one really knows of her doings with daedra except a few close friends in the order.
Today she lives at the mountains north of Reaper's March, in an isolated manor. Mobilizing herself by using portals, selling enchanted items to people around tamriel as income along with the payments from house Rilis and her paycheck as a knight captain.
Her goals in life now are simple : earn more power in dark arts, climb the ranks in the order and altmer nobility, meet new friends to aid her and most importantly at this moment in time - reinforce connections with her family, mainly brother and father.

The templars of Mara (now dismantled) - she is still carrying the rank of a cleric, along with certification.
Order of the new dawn - serving as knight captain
House Rilis - servant
House Valmir - house advisor, assistant to the lord Aronil Valmir
Aldmeri Dominion - diplomat and officer.

Experience in wielding a greatsword, hunting, jungle warfare and night warfare.
Expert with a staff, destruction magic and lightning in perticular, master in daedric summoning and dark arts of draining and banishing, although she rarely drains her enemies.
Worked with dominion paperwork and Rilis paperwork, have experience as a diplomat.
Organized raids and hunts in her time with the Bosmer - experienced tactician.

Due to her long and deep workings with daedra and Mora esspecially, her mental state is not the best to say the least.. She is also quite over confident of herself and more then once gets herself into dangerous situations with high stakes.

Notable belongings.
She always carry her black book around, no matter where - it is masked with about a hundred different runes to mask its massive magical mark. She carries her thick notebook filled to the brim with peeking papers and notes, as she's not the most organized person. Those are usually carried in her sidebag.. She also carries her daedric crystal ring - efficient little relic made by her to hold souls easily - on the tip of her finger..
Her necklace is that of house Rilis, carrying a glyph of minor ward, protecting her at all times.

She generally cares for power, seeking to reach a state similar to the tribunals of Morrowind, as she sees them kind of a role model. Besides that, she looks for allies she can trust, seeing as her exiling from Auridon and her parents' "betrayel" of her destroyed her trust to people.
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